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Your New Career In Tefl

Your New Career In Tefl


Your New Career In Tefl

by Tim Roberts

TEFL stands for teaching English as a foreign language. TEFL certification has been a growing career option for people from all backgrounds for the past twenty years. It has survived the current global economic downturn because there is a constant, growing demand to learn English from native English speakers. Countries such as Thailand, South Korea, and China, make English a mandatory subject in their grade schools and high schools. The latest wrinkle in this exciting and interesting field is online TEFL teaching. It is estimated that there are currently a half-million South Koreans who regularly pay for online TEFL courses from TEFL certified teachers. The online teacher's pay scale ranges from six-dollars an hour up to eighteen-dollars an hour.

Let's take Thailand as our specific example of whether TEFL is in your future. I live and work in Thailand, so I can speak with authority and experience. Thailand is a prosperous, stable, tropical country in Southeast Asia, where a plate of shrimp friend rice will set you back no more than 95-cents; where mangoes are fresh and in season year round; a country dotted with breath-taking Buddhist temples and a thousand miles of seashore, where ten dollars a night will rent you a bungalow on the Andaman Sea or the Gulf of Thailand.

In order to teach English at a Thai public school you need three basic qualifications. You need to be a native English speaker. You need a college degree - in any subject. And you need TEFL certification. When you meet these criteria you can begin teaching English at a Thai school, with an initial salary of 30-thousand baht per month - and often with free accommodations included. 30-thousand baht, by the way, puts you squarely in the middle class in Thailand. You'll be expected to be at the school on weekdays from 8 in the morning until 4:30 in the afternoon. You will teach approximately 4 classes each day, 50-minutes each. You might be asked to help with extracurricular activities such as coaching soccer or counseling the chess club. Paid days off include national holidays and Buddhist holidays (and there are a lot of them!) Your weekends will be free and clear, to do with as you want. Your school will help you receive both a year-long visa and a work permit, so you can open a bank account (and pay Thai taxes - which on 30-thousand baht amount to 1-thousand baht.)

At this point some of you are saying "It sounds good but I've never done teaching before; how can I get in on this racket?"

I'm here to tell you that it's much easier than you may think. A TEFL International teacher training class takes four weeks. That's four weeks, at a tuition of under 2-thousand dollars, to get TEFL certification. We have course centers around the globe, including two in Thailand. Our teacher trainers are both skilled and experienced - they have advanced teaching degrees and have overseas TEFL experience. They not only teach you how to teach, they guide you towards a firm self-confidence in your own native abilities as an English instructor. After all, who knows more about the English language than someone who has been speaking it for the last twenty, thirty, or more years? Our course centers also act as job placement centers. When you have your TEFL certification we will facilitate job interviews and, in some cases, actually guarantee job placement after graduation.

So whether you're a truck driver with a bad back who wants to quit the road, a clerk in a dead-end job, or a recently laid-off VP of finance, or a recent college grad looking for something to pay your way around the world, TEFL is definitely a career option you need to be looking at.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm late for my foot massage (six dollars for two hours) and then I'm meeting friends for a large plate of roasted chicken and green papaya salad with sticky rice (I won't even tell you the price - it's so ridiculously low you'll laugh in my face.) TEFL International - the career choice for adventure!

About the Author:
Learn more about tefl international. Stop by Tim Roberts's site where you can find out all about content creation services and what it can do for you.

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