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Xyron Wishblade Why You Should Consider Wishing for One for Your Scrapbooking

Xyron Wishblade Why You Should Consider Wishing for One for Your Scrapbooking


Xyron Wishblade " Why You Should Consider Wishing for One for Your Scrapbooking

by Jenny James

Scrapbooking Die Cut Machines are the latest rage in Scrapbooking, I am going to review the Xyron Wishblade machine and compare it to some of the other brands of electronic die cutting machines currently available, like the Cricut Expressions Machine and the Making Memories Slice Machine.

It is easy to see why scrapbooking die cut machines are so popular at the moment. They make a scrapbookers life so easy and can produce amazing results on your scrapbook pages.

Cricuts range of die cutting machines by Provo Craft are certainly the market leaders at the moment for computerized die cutter machines. However when considering which model you would like to buy, you need to seriously look at other brands that are available, but perhaps not as well known, like the Xyron Wishblade, which has some super features.

Cricut has a range of electronic die cutters including the Cricut Create, Cricut Expression and Cricut Personal. They are super popular because of their effective marketing. Given this, many people rarely look twice at the lessor known brands on the market. It is certainly a shame machines like the Xyron, which are not as well known, amazing features on offer. If you can handle not having the designer brand scrapbooking electronic cutter, then it is worth a look at.

The Cricut range of die cutting machines main issues are the expense of having to always buy additional cartridges so that you can have a good range of fonts and shapes, to suit your variety of scrapbooking projects. The cost of a Cricut machine is pretty reasonable, however it is the cost of each Cricut cartridge, at around US$80, which can easily skyrocket for even the most basic scrapbooker.

To get the most out of your Cricut die cutting machine, you would need more than two cartridges. To get a good range of shapes and fonts for various project, most scrapbookers like to have around 10 Cricut Cartridges. Unfortunately that adds up super fast, so it is out of the range of many budget scrapbookers.

If we consider the wonderful Xyron Wishblade Cutting machine though, you will notice that the initial purchase of Xyrons computerized die cutting machine is just slightly more than a basic Cricut Machine. However the Xyron has one big advantage and that is that it needs no cartridges. You can cut any shape you can find and also cut any true type font you can download online. With this amazing cost saver, a group of Wishblade users have joined online to enable other users to share and swap images.

If having a huge range of various images for many of your scrapbooking projects is a priority for you, but without the ongoing expense, then seriously consider whether the Xyron Wishblade Machine is perhaps the better machine for you. Since it has no going costs, other than consumables, it makes it a very attractive die cutting machine, compared to the Cricut Die Cutter Machine.

However when we weigh up other features of the Xyron Wishblade, it would be prudent to also point out its one downside. Unfortunately there never is one perfect machine that does everything for everyone. Although the Xyron Wishblade is fantastic and cuts the same as the Cricut range of machines, without the massive expense, it does however have one tiny disadvantage.

If you are the type of scrapbooker who likes to attend large scrapbooking group days or scrapathons and share your great tools with your friends... you will have to consider that the Xyron Wishblade isn't as easily portable as the Cricut Die Cutting Machines. The Wishblade relies on computer memory for storage of all of the graphics it can cut, so access to a computer to be functional most of the time. If you want to take your die cutting Wishblade with you to your group days, lets hope you own a laptop, as the computer must go along too!

The Cricut computerized machines though do not need to be connected to a computer to have access to all the fonts and shapes. That is why they work on cartridges which are more portable. If having a portable die cutting machine is a major concern for you, then unfortunately the Xyron Wishblade cutter may not be for you. If portability is not a concern if you own a laptop, then seriously look at buying the Xyron Wishblade if you require a die cut machine that enables variety at a great price.

About the Author:
Purchasing a Scrapbooking Die Cutting Machine is a big decision. You can find informative reviews and information at die-cutting-machines.com, where you can also buy the Xyron Wishblade Die Cutting Machine Machine.

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