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Work At Home Mums: What's The Alternative To Working From Home?

Work At Home Mums: What's The Alternative To Working From Home?


Work At Home Mums: What's The Alternative To Working From Home?

by Justine Simard

Women who work become mums, and mums in time become back-to-work mums, either as employees or becoming work at home mums. Various factors influence the amount of time mothers continue to be at home on a full-time basis to mind their children and the family home. Salary and maternity leave agreements are at the top of the reasons list for returning to work. Women go back to work for an boss either full-time or part-time, very often prior to their children commencing primary school. Many child care centres advertise that they accept infants and children from the age of 6 weeks. You read right, I said weeks, not months.

I definitely do not intend to instill culpability on mums who place their children in daycare so that they are able to return to work. On the other hand, for mums going back to a job without a real desire and preference to do so will constantly make me feel unsettled. It is distressing to notice that my generation, the one it, and the one following it too, is full of mothers who would prefer to be home and look after their children, but do something else, often because of financial worries. Can't we mums just be mums, be there, focused, stress-free, dedicated and be the main influence in our children's lives? Sounds idealistic, I know. However these are thoughts that work at home mums have had in common for a long time.

Work at home mums have grasped a chance to be home with their kids, while carrying out work around their family responsibilities and contributing an income to the household. Who says it is not possible to have the best of both worlds, being a full-time stay-at-home mum and working? The employer? The parental leave agreement? The child care centre? The bank manager?

Thus for mums yet to go back to work, what is the other option to becoming like the work at home mums who have chosen to be home-based with their kids without having to sacrifice making money and enjoying a professional occupation? The other option to running a business at home is often to physically go to work for an employer, send your children to childcare, forfeit part of your earnings for childcare fees, see your kids part-time and give up the personal control you could have for your personal responsibilities if you worked for yourself.

Whatever you decide to do for work, as a mum who needs to work and receive a salary, think about your alternatives. Neither road is a walk in the park. Work at home mums experience numerous challenges. Mums working for companies do too. The distinction may be in the consequences and outcomes you will generate for yourself, your kids and your household, in terms of revenue, lifestyle, flexibility and your feeling of accomplishment. So question yourself: What's the alternative?

About the Author:
Justine Simard is a mum and home business owner helping other mums being successful at working from home around their children, while creating a high income, a better family lifestyle and more freedom. Visit Work At Home Mums to find out how you can join other successful work at home mums and achieve your personal life goals.

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