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Windows 7 Issues

Windows 7 Issues


Windows 7 Issues

by Mike Bell

While Windows 7 is considered a great breakthrough, there are still certain issues that users find when using Windows 7. Listed below are some of the issues commonly identified by users.

1. Incremental Backup Issues

Many users are having problems on incremental backup. Win7 x64 is said to back up the system all over again, which essentially eat up tons of disk space. This mainly takes up a few hours to complete because of the incremental backup.

2. Windows XP Mode

Many users of Windows 7 often complain about the unwanted surprise whenever they test out Windows XP mode. Some users get an error message whenever they are trying to install XP mode on the computer.

3. No Bloat

Bloat ware, also called crapware, is one reason why a system slows down. It is considered a huge problem by IT experts for a computer user to use well his or her computer unit.

4. Power Option Issues

Window 7 is said to be very quirky on its power options. Specifically, those power options include hibernation and sleep mode. Many users of Windows 7 have reported that the preview window of the programs that were minimized on the operation system's task bar each time you hover the mouse, then the thumbnails would not show up.

These are just four of the commonly reported issues related with Windows 7. While Windows 7 is known to offer convenient features, it is similarly important to understand the issues commonly thrown against Windows 7. Doing this would help you understand Windows 7. In effect, you would have the chance to weigh things out. There may be more issues that you could encounter. However, the best thing to do is to ask the support of Microsoft about this.

For sure, they would be glad to assist you on any technical issues that you may have in using Windows 7. Some people try a different OS even if they do not fully understand how the new one works, it is always better to check out first both the advantages and disadvantages of an OS before trying it.

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