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Window Screen Cleaning Made Easy

Window Screen Cleaning Made Easy


Window Screen Cleaning Made Easy

by Craig Barfield

It is a tough job cleaning the window screens of your home. With so many of them to wash at once, it is no wonder why people give up. Removing a few of the screens at a time, will help you accomplish the task, all while beautifying your home.

You may want to begin by removing all of the screens at once. Not! If you do this, you will almost surely be defeated before you get them all removed. Instead of taking down all of the window screens at the same time, opt for taking down five at a time. This will give you time ample time to clean and dry them, before replacing them into the window. As you take the screens down, keep them in order, so you will know which screen goes where, when it is time to put them back on.

Find all of the tiny parts that are assembled to the window screens, and put them in a safe place. These will need to be replaced once you have finished cleaning the screens. Nothing will annoy you more, than having to hunt for a tiny metal clip that you have lost in the grass. Store them safely, and you will thank yourself later.

Now that the window screens and hardware are removed, get a bucket of warm soapy water, and a large soft bristle scrub brush. Find a nice shady spot to set up your clean area. Lay the screens flat on the concrete, and begin scrubbing both sides of each of the screens, making sure not to scrub too hard. The material the screen is made from is fragile, and scrubbing them too hard will tear them. If you happen to tear the screen, there is a great step by step guide in the resource box of this article, that will teach you how to build and install a new screen.

Rinse the screens with clean water, after you have washed both sides. Do not skip this step. There should not be any soap left on your screens after they are rinsed. Attach a sprayer to the end of your water hose, and spray them clean with a firm stream of water.

Your screens should now be washed and rinsed. Using a dry cloth, pat the screens dry. You want to pat and blot, and not rub. If you rub the towel across the mesh, it will only catch lint, and your screens will look dingy from a distance. Some people let their screens air dry, but I recommend hand drying them, as most often the screens get damaged when left unattended.

Now all there is left to do is replace the hardware, and re-install the clean screens. Put the clips, screws and hardware back on the screens. Begin replacing the window screens, by inserting the top of the screen at an angle, and then the bottom. Continue the cleaning process, five screens at a time to finish this home improvement project.

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