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Why Your Social Life May Be Killing Your Weight Loss Efforts

Why Your Social Life May Be Killing Your Weight Loss Efforts


Why Your Social Life May Be Killing Your Weight Loss Efforts

by Xavier Pryst

Are you working out and eating right, but not losing weight? Do you feel that you are doing everything you are supposed to and still not seeing any weight loss? While this might be the case, there might be a hidden factor preventing you from losing weight. Alcohol might be the culprit.

People drink for different reasons. Some people drink because they enjoy that glass of wine with a meal. Some people find that they go out with friends and want to have a drink or two or more to help them relax and socialize better.

Many people have heard that a glass of wine is good for the heart. While these reasons are all valid, alcohol does impact the body's ability to lose weight. Drinking might be the issue with losing weight.

Alcohol converts easily to sugar and raises insulin levels. One of the reasons people have a hard time losing weight if they drink a lot is do to this. High levels of insulin impede the body from breaking down fat.

There are two hormones that are responsible for fat processing. These two hormones are insulin and glycogon. Almost everybody has heard of insulin in reference to diabetics. What they don't know is that high levels of insulin cause the body to store fat. Glycogon, is a hormone most people have not heard of. Think of it as the reverse of insulin. It makes the body utilize fat rather than sugar. If you have high levels of glycogon then losing body fat will be simple.

Another reason alcohol is bad for weight loss is that most people don't drink straight alcohol. They drink mixed drinks. These drinks generally have a ton of sugar added to them. Soda, juice, and various mixers add calories and sugar to the drink. Where we might be only drink a drink or two, these drinks can reach upwards of several hundred calories. Not a good think if we want to lose weight.

Have you heard the term beer belly? I am sure you have. Now do you know how we get it? It comes from the fact that when we drink the body prefers to use alcohol as its energy source. It breaks down quickly and leaves the body to deal with the real food until later. How does the body store this extra food? You guessed it, as fat.

I will admit that I do drink from time to time. I am not saying drinking is wrong, just that when you are losing weight drinking needs to be moderated.

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