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Why Tunisia Holidays Are Popular

Why Tunisia Holidays Are Popular


Why Tunisia Holidays Are Popular

by Mark Walters

Beautiful beaches, spectacular mountain ranges, mysterious deserts and a blend of African, Muslim and Western cultures are what make Tunisia holidays such a popular choice for tourists.

Beach lovers will be in heaven, as the Mediterranean Sea borders both the north and east sides of the country. To see Tunisia as just a place of wonderful beaches though would not be doing it justice, as there is a wide variety of things to see and do there.

The country is full of picturesque and colorful towns and villages, and is interspersed with interesting ancient ruins and historical sites. There are just too many great attractions to list here, but highlights include the Tunis Medina, Sousse Medina and Ribat Monastor.

Whether you prefer beaches or countryside landscapes, hustle and bustle or peace and quiet, or a mix of everything, you will be happy with a holiday in Tunisia. Of the millions that visit there every year, few go away disappointed with what they have experienced.

You can both see and feel the various external influences that have shaped the current day Tunisia. The language, architecture, food and customs form a unique mix that can literally not be found anywhere else in the world.

A visit to the desert, if only for a day, is something that should not be missed. You can ride on a camel through the sweeping sand dunes, and pick up some great souvenirs from markets that have been around for hundreds of years.

There are many special tours to choose from that cater for allsorts of tastes and preferences. From hiking in the mountains to sailing to uninhabited islands to visiting religious sites, there will always be something to interest you should you fancy a day away from the beach.

You can dine on lamb skewers from a Berber oven or sushi from the Mediterranean, but there are a variety of cuisines to try. Couscous is a national dish made from semolina grain and boiled in fish or meat juices, so be sure and try it while in Tunisia.

The best time to visit is in either spring or autumn, when the weather is fine and clear, without being unbearably hot. The weather is actually pretty good all year though, but most people find the intense summer heat too much for them.

Whether you are camel trekking through the Sahara and a palm-treed oasis or visiting ancient Roman ruins, Tunisia holidays offer a cultural exploration that you will remember for a lifetime. If you want a different kind of tourist destination, Tunisia has a diverse selection of tourist attractions, climates and geographies.

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