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Why Training Collars Are in Demand

Why Training Collars Are in Demand


Why Training Collars Are in Demand

by Randy Gabriel

Today, %LINL1% are a necessary part of training dogs to be on their best behavior and for socializing. As we all know, dog behavior needs to be at its best because there are laws that prohibit loud and long barking dogs, as well as neighbors that don't appreciate them either.

It's not only loud and incessant barking that's frowned upon in most places, but also threatening behavior that dogs may exhibit when faced with strangers or a crowd. The need for training collars is high and there are plenty of different options to choose from.

Choker Training Collars

Some people consider these dog training collars ethical while others prefer the old fashioned leash. These collars restrain dogs from pulling away from the leash, as well as from incurring in other types of bad behavior. These collars have proven useful for teaching young puppies or newly adopted dogs to behave when in the prescence of people or other dogs.

Dogs slowly realize that jumping at people and things will give them a very annoying choking sensation. Some collars have some protuberances for increasing the feeling on dogs that are particularly stubborn or with very thick skins. These types of collars also stop any sensation to the dog as soon as this one relaxes.

Electronic Collars

These collars work by delivering a small static electricity shock to dogs when they bark. These collars look very similar to regular collars, but they have a small gadget located next to the dog's throat.

The shock is not cruel, it's just a mild static shock, similar to the one we get when we play with balloons. These collars are very practical and effective as long as the training is constant and supervised closely by the owner; just remember to take the collar off when training is over so that the dog can rest.

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