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Why So Many Men Experience Hair Loss?

Why So Many Men Experience Hair Loss?


Why So Many Men Experience Hair Loss?

by Arnold Waterborn

Male pattern baldness is very disheartening to many men. It's hard to see your hair thinning at a relatively young age due to a sensitivity to androgens, the male hormone. Actually, three things are involved in male balding: hormones, genes, and age; and they work together and separately.

Androgens have an effect on hair follicles. When the person is susceptible to the male hormones, they shrivel the hair follicles so that eventually they can't even grow more hair as they were designed to do.

The beginning stages are seen in men who are 20 to 30 years old. The stages are predictable. Initially, the hairline starts to retract. Over time, the hair on the top of the head becomes sparse.

The traditional U shape around the head happens when the bald spots converge. Then even the hair that remains around the edges thins and doesn't grow as rapidly.

Hair loss is not actually any disease. It is just a condition which is passed genetically from parents or ancestors. If it is detected early and proper treatment is given, it can be cured.

Now a days there are lots of medicines and treatments available to cure baldness. Also a lot of products are invented to cure it and usually men's salons keep them.

You don't have to just grin and bear it anymore if you're a man who discovers that he's going bald. Acknowledge it to yourself and to your grooming professionals. That's the first step in finding a plan that enables you to limit the progress of this condition. You have to find the right thing for yourself.

Your hair stylist has expertise in this area and you can solicit advice from them. Also, personal research is an option and can compliment the advice given. Selection of a product with natural ingredients lessens the chance of counteraction and can avoid harm to your hair follicles that unnatural ingredients may do.

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