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Why Men Should Be Wary Of Booking a Holiday Villa or Cottage?

Why Men Should Be Wary Of Booking a Holiday Villa or Cottage?


Why Men Should Be Wary Of Booking a Holiday Villa or Cottage?

by Helen Cobb

Squabbles in the home are almost always linked with stressful things we do in our day to day lives such as moving home or going on holiday. So it comes as no surprise that squabbles about a vacation are common place, with men often getting the brunt of the blame when things don't go according to plan.

This article is designed to try and help men remove the stressful challenge of booking the annual family holiday. Often their "better half" will provide their spouse with a poisoned chalice of sorting out the family holiday.

All too often men have been at the butt of dinner party stories from their loved ones who wax lyrical about what a terrible holiday was endured by the family and how it was all the mans' fault.

An experienced holiday property rental agency will minimise such a scenario by tailoring a holiday to not only suit your needs but more importantly to satisfy your better half!

I've had several enquiries from male clients who have been tasked by their loved ones to go and sort out the family holiday. I estimate over 90% that book with us end up booking something completely different from what first caught their eye on our website.

Classic stories are male clients who see a lovely villa on our website and then call adamantly stating that's the one they want to book - however after asking a serious of questions I have ended up proposing something completely different to them. For example the initial property he has seen has a magnificent pool, however he forgets his small children can't swim and there is no fence around the pool. He also forgets that his wife prefers to be able to walk to a local village for top up supplies or simply to dine in a restaurant without having to worry about drinking and driving. He also forgets to check whether the villa has maid service - his wife is NOT the type to go from one kitchen sink at home to another one on holiday!

These are just some of the classic things that men just don't think about and why it's vital you deal with an holiday property agency than listens to your needs and those of your dependants This will result in a far more relaxing and stress free holiday and minimise men being the butt of dinner party jokes courtesy of about how they got it all wrong when booking the family holiday

About the Author:
Before you book your next family holiday accommodation, contact Helen Cobb who has over 20 years experience in the travel industry bringing together beautiful vacation rental properties with discerning clients like you to enjoy them. Get a totally unique version of this article from our article submission service

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