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Why Have Your Staff Coached In Sales And Marketing?

Why Have Your Staff Coached In Sales And Marketing?


Why Have Your Staff Coached In Sales And Marketing?

by Virginia Hatstand

Whatever changes may happen in the world of business and commerce over the years, sales and marketing professionals will always be in high demand. Even in the technology sector where the main focus is not so much on sales and marketing, there is so much demand for qualified people in this profession that salaries have gone up sky high and there are sales and marketing vacancies in more or less every company we come across.

Sales and marketing is a field which needs its own regular brush up schedule, and without proper coaching, there cannot be a lot of results achieved. Any sales professional will agree that a periodic training schedule is among the most important needs of the profession. In the field of technology, however, the need is paramount!

The reason that coaching in sales and marketing is necessary in any industry is because the world of business is forever changing along with peoples buying patterns. In the technology sector however, the changes are far more rapid than in any other sector of business and so regular training and coaching is crucial to stay abreast with the market conditions.

The real success in sales and marketing is when the professional is able to paint a picture of the product / service he is offering in the eyes of the customer. If you are selling a real product, it is quite easy, as you can just show it, and let him touch and feel it. However, with a technological product, it is not all that simple " the benefits of the product need to be experienced firsthand, and any number of presentations we make, unless that connection happens, the sale is not going to go through.

If you are in the technology industry and you do not have an on-going sales and marketing and sales coaching program, then you must change that if you hope to sustain your business into the future. The benefits of an on-going sales and marketing coach are too many to number.

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