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Why Have You Begun To Bruise Quickly Since You Turned 50?

Why Have You Begun To Bruise Quickly Since You Turned 50?


Why Have You Begun To Bruise Quickly Since You Turned 50?

by Jan Doan

Many people get bumps and bruises throughout their day. Bruises can be bothersome but generally go away on their own. However, some people get more bruises than others. If you are one who sees a lot of bruises and asks yourself "Why have I begun to bruise easily since I turned 50?". You are not alone. Many people suffer from easily bruising. There are some reasons this may occur. Checking with a physician is the best way to determine the cause of the issue.

A bruise is medically defined as an area where a tiny blood vessel has been damaged or broken. Also called a contusion can occur due to a blow to the area. Blood leaks into the raised area from the broken blood vessels. This injury can be caused by bumping or hitting something with an area on the body. Bruises will change colors as they heal. Some will initially appear red and then turn black and blue. Finally as it is healing it will change to a yellowish brown color.

Aging is the number one reason why people bruise easier as they get older. Sometimes seniors can bruise without doing anything to the area. As we age, skin looses its flexibility and becomes very fragile.

Certain types of medications can cause easier bruising. For example, many prescription strength as well as over the counter arthritis medications can cause it. These are medications such as ibuprofen, naproxen and aspirin. People who have blood clots in their legs or heart may use Warfarin. This medication can cause severe bruising. Cortisone type medications can encourage bruising.

If a person has any nutritional deficiencies, they can lead to this problem. Studies have proven this link to a low level in certain vitamins. A person must ensure that they are receiving their daily requirement of vitamins C, K, B12 and Folic Acid. If not they could be susceptible to this problem. Eat a healthy diet with lots of vitamins and minerals. Make sure you get your daily allowance full of them.

There are many home remedies that can assist a person who has this type of difficulty. For example, an easy home remedy is if the skin is not broken open, cut an onion in half and place it over the area that has been injured.

Many people recommend using margarine. Spread a little bit of margarine on the area and it will disappear in a little time. Another easy treatment is to mix together one part cayenne pepper to five parts melted Vaseline. Apply this to the area and it will aide in healing the bruise quickly. Using parsley can clear up a bruise in twenty four to forty eight hours. Crush up fresh parsley and apply several times. There should be improvement quickly.

If a person finds themselves bruising a lot, there may be some medical issue. Consult with a physician. They are your best bet to getting a hold of the problem. Sometimes there are easy things like lifestyle and diet changes that can alleviate the issue. Home remedies can be helpful also.

About the Author:
There are several easy ways that you can prevent bruising. When bruising causes embarrassment by showing up on visible locations on your body you can take care of it with minimal effort today!

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