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Why A Fax To Email System Provides Such Massive Common Sense.

Why A Fax To Email System Provides Such Massive Common Sense.


Why A Fax To Email System Provides Such Massive Common Sense.

by Graham McKenzie

When the fax machine first appeared on the scene many years ago, it was considered to be a revolutionary development. Suddenly you could communicate with business partners in all parts of the world in real time. No longer did you have to wait days or weeks for that important letter to arrive ' it could be on your desk in a matter of minutes. With the advent of fax to email, the humble fax machine has taken another major step forward.

One of the major advantages of paperless faxing, and one that is many times overlooked, is the simple fact that it's environmentally friendly. The website GreenFax publishes data on the effects ordinary fax machines have on the use of resources and on the environment. They calculate that in the US alone fax machines result in the printing of more than two hundred billion pages every year. The vast majority of these faxes did not have to be printed if they could be stored electronically. If only 5% of these faxes could be sent using an fax to email service, air pollution to the extent of 3 million pounds could be prevented.

Another obvious advantage of the paperless fax is that it can save you thousands of dollars in the long run. It's not just the fact that you don't have to print every fax and therefore will save on paper ' think of all the ink cartridges you won't have to buy. And think of how the lifetime of your fax machine will be extended if you only printed faxed that really needed to be printed.

But the advantages of fax to email services extend far beyond the fact that they consume less resources and save you a lot of money over time. There are indeed many more reasons for you to switch from an old-fashioned fax machine to paperless faxing.

The first additional reason has to do with convenience. When sending a fax electronically, you can easily attach any type of file without a problem. Text documents, pictures, PDF files and spreadsheets can all be attached at the click of a button. No longer do you have to stand in front of the fax machine for hours waiting for bulky documents to be sent. Simply attach them and off they go!

The ease of use of fax to email service is another factor counting in its favor. You don't have to download complicate software and spend hours configuring it. You could be up and running within a few minutes after signing up.

A further attribute of this type of service is that you can receive many faxes simultaneously. If you are on the sending side and you have to wait hours for the recipient's fax machine to become available, you will understand what a huge advantage a fax machine that is never busy could be.

A final point to mention in this regard is the fact that the fax to email system will generate detailed log files. So you can easily keep track of how many faxes went out and who sent them. And you will also know what faxes came in and from whom. This makes controlling your fax system so much easier.

About the Author:
The fax machine changed everything and fax to email is causing a further evolution in overall business communication. More information on how to Become a Fax to Email Agent .

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