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White Shepherds The True Companion Dog

White Shepherds The True Companion Dog


White Shepherds: The True Companion Dog

by Troy Richardson

The first white German shepherd dog registered in the American Kennel Club was way back in 1917. Although Hector, considered as the father of all the German shepherds already existed in the late 1890s, breeds with pure white strain came later. It was in the year 1912 when Anne Tracy imported the first German Shepherds into the United States that the little white litters showed up.

These breed are also known as the American-Canadian White Shepherd which was later developed as a companion dog and as a performer in dog shows. Although they were not qualified to compete because of their color that was associated with albinism, these dogs were later recognized in America. Soon after that, various White German Shepherd organizations emerged.

Aside from possessing a very playful personality, these dogs are also active. Depending on how they were raised as litters, they are intelligent and can perform various tricks. White German Shepherd dogs are very respectful making them easy to train.

These dogs share the same features with the ordinary German Shepherd dogs. What makes them unique is the remarkable white coat which is not normal as believed in the early discovery of the white breed. And definitely, the white color is not associated with albinism.

It was in 1917 that the first trace of the White Shepherd breed was registered by the American Kennel Club. Anne Tracy imported them into the United States making the white strain breed known. Although the said father of all the German Shepherds lived as early as 1890s, litters emerged a little later.

Although these dogs may appear like dominating ones, males are less coarse and females are not overly refined. As opposed to the negative exaggerations associated with the White German Shepherd dogs, they can become very good companions. If properly raised in a good home, these canines can live up to its full potentials for about 14 years.

The White German Shepherd breed has a very playful personality. Depending on the dog, they can learn various tricks and are considered to be intelligent animals. These breed are very respectful and can be trained to socialize with other pets and children as well.

The very reason why White German Shepherds were not allowed to compete in dog shows before is due to its unique white color. They were mistakenly referred to as Albinos. But later, these dogs were recognized in America are now commonly known as the American-Canadian White Shepherd.

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