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Which Sleeping Bag

Which Sleeping Bag


Which Sleeping Bag

by Craig Maxfield

There are such a great range of sleeping bags on the market the first-time purchaser often feels confused and doesn't know what to go attempting to find when purchasing one. The first significant point is your position.

The lowest-priced sleeping bags that are still of reasonable quality sells for nearly $100. The sole one that can decide how much you must spend on a sleeping bag is you. Your call should be led by what you have got to spend and your reasons for purchasing the bag in the 1st place.

What sort of sleeping bag should you buy? This is dependent upon what you want to use it for. If you want it for regular camping trips with the family under normal weather conditions, you manifestly needs a different kind of bag than when you intend to trek for a week in the Rockies.

A critical consideration here is the quality, thickness and weight of the fill. If you intend to do a big amount of hiking under good weather conditions, you don't need a thick, heavy fill.

A lightweight fill is better to carry and it'll provide sufficient cover against the elements.

Should you intend to do significant hiking under inclement weather conditions, you'll have to get a bag with a high spec fill offering wonderful insulation. This does not need to be weight a ton though ' you do get light-weight material today that provide excellent cover against cold conditions. These kind of bags incorporates a temperature rating, so you can easily determine if it is going to be acceptable for your purposes.

Another vital facet to consider is the shell of the bag. As with the other features, you also should be led by what you intend to use it for.

If the terrain where you will use it be coarse with lots of scrubs and rocks, you can manifestly need a shell that can hold it's own under such conditions.

The last feature to give extensive thought is the liner of the sleeping bag. You have to select something that will not simply tear. It should in addition be light and make allowance for air movement. The worst kind of material for an inner lining would thus be plastic. The material should be cosy, warm and soft. Unless you need to sleep wrapped up in something that feels like a grater!

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