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Which of Your Poker Images Should You Hang on to?

Which of Your Poker Images Should You Hang on to?


Which of Your Poker Images Should You Hang on to?

by Thomas Kearns

The average poker player would not understand that at any point during a game they are projecting a certain image to other players. They do not know that they even need to project a certain controlled type of image. Or worse, in order to avoid the projection of any semblance of meaningful communication, they disguise themselves by wearing various articles to cover their faces entirely.

Yet they are not invisible and they will always project some kind of persona and divulge enough information for the good player to decipher and use. What they are really doing is attracting better players than themselves to the table and detracting the lamer players that they could actually win money from.

A blank face will not keep you from becoming observed. Actively engaging in controlled conversation with other players will bring better results than a stone face and silence. Actually the blank face probably denotes more weakness than strength.

If it is a retreat from controlled active participation, it is always a weakness (the alternative is not hyperactivity, but balanced calculated manipulation). Moreover, these players probably do not suspect that for the skilled opponent they probably still have tells of one type or another somewhere about their inevitably, even if reluctantly, living breathing person.

Amateurs will for the most part prefer tables where they can have a good time. The successful businessman and the brilliant engineer, cruising around the room, are looking for a table where players are relaxed and friendly. They will look and listen for good times before they at all try to appraise potential partners' actual poker skills, and are most likely to opt for those tables where people seem to enjoy themselves most.

On the other hand, those that play poker as a profession are also looking for that table of good time Charlies. Nothing like a bunch of fun loving amateurs to whet the pros appetite for the game. The laughing amateur will linger at the table as long as he has having fun and may not even notice he is losing his shirt. He will not play with a bunch of non-communicative, somber zombies.

A good conversation and a sense of humor combined with a slightly flattering play which keeps the amateur trusting he has a chance will increase the chances of that player coming back for more next time, perhaps even specifically seeking out your table. Since they do not play for the money or the excitement of high stakes, they will not regret as much having lost to an entertaining player.

Keep your weaker opponents in a good mood and you will keep up their good hopes, believing that luck may still take their side. Good time and occasional "luck" may turn them into regular players and into regular income and attract still more amateurs. But a show of cold indifference will only make them disgusted with themselves or the table or both.

World class poker players are aware that they are always projecting an image and so are ever-mindful of just what that image is. Their images are calculated to protect their interests, not to scare people away. This calculated manipulation of the game, beyond superior technique and skill, allows them to create a positive environment for their heedless victims.

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