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What You Should Know: Surf Travel Guide

What You Should Know: Surf Travel Guide


What You Should Know: Surf Travel Guide

by Alexis Kurt

What could make a summer vacation more fun and exciting than taking a surf travel? Take your vacation on to the next level and experience the thrill of surfing. Pack up your things and get ready to hop on a flight and go surfing!

Places Where to Surf. Actually, there are many places where big waves and fine beaches that you can enjoy. There are those that are near from home and some are would take you on the other side of the globe. If you're decided to go on surfing, you may take a look these two great surfing spots in the world.

Hawaii. Known as the Mecca of surfing, Hawaii is the capital of wave breaking and riding in the world. Hawaii has been providing an excellent surfing spot for decades. It is no wonder that it is recognized as the motherland of this water sport.

Hawaii is a composed of 4 large islands namely Hawaii, Kauai, Maui and Oahu. It has over 800 miles of coastlines stretched on these 4 islands. With a breathtaking view of its beaches along with a great warm climate, it surely attracts travelers that would want to relax as they are surrounded with a stunning view. More so, many would want to come and feel the warm waters as they ride on its great waves.

Maldives. You got to visit Maldives if you want to see such crystal clear water with beautiful reefs and atolls. Maldives is composed of 26 atolls with 1190 islands on it. The utopia look of rare ring-like coral formation around the lagoon gives impression to tourists.

What makes Maldives a hot spot for surf travel is 90,000 km2 sea that surfers would definitely look forward too. Moreover, to those who would not want to engage in this water sport, it offers 87 islands converted into tourist resorts where you can relax, sun bathe and enjoy the magnificent scenery of the seas.

What to Bring. Aside from your swimwear and other personal belonging, you need to have your surfboard. But before anything else, you need to know what board you should bring. Choosing surfboards can either make your surf travel a lot of fun or it could ruin it out. The choice would really depend on your preference and the type of waves you will be expecting. Also, it is important to bring a back up surfboard in case your primary board breaks - which of course, you would not want to happen. It is recommended that you include in your surf travel packing list a small wave board and a small gun for larger wave riding. Also, you need to have your ding repair kits. Because airlines would not usually allow you to bring in cans of resins, you can just buy them in any surf shops in resorts.

In packing your surfboards, you need to have a travel board bag. You may also want to use high density foam cylinders which are usually used in swimming pools to pack and secure the rails of your surfboards.

About the Author:
Surfing is a hobby that everyone will surely love. There are certain places offering this service such as surf schools. Or you may want to try peniche surf camp.

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