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What You Should Know About Heartworm Medicine For Dogs

What You Should Know About Heartworm Medicine For Dogs


What You Should Know About Heartworm Medicine For Dogs

by Monique Coincon

A lot of people wonder what exactly heart worms are and why are they so deadly to dogs? The heartworm is a long parasite that survives by using its host for food. Heartworms are 6" to 14" long and live inside a dog's heart to feed and grow.

Heart worm disease is often fatal if there isn't some form of prevention in place in order to ensure your dog doesn't have what it takes to harvest the microfilirae that are the heartworm babies so to speak. When these microfilirae or miniature heart worms make their way into an unprotected animal, it is considered heart worm disease because the parasites have the optimal conditions to spread.

So what exactly is heart worm disease, and how can I prevent my fido from getting it? Well first, you have to make sure you are giving your loving fido a good preventative medicine to completely do away with the environment these creatures need to survive and thrive. By giving your pooch this medicine, his body is going to automatically reject the microfilirae causing them to die off, instead of being able to flourish. This will ultimately be fatal to your dog if you aren't using some type of preventative medicine. There are a few types on the market, and one specifically that is well known, and works very well.

There are, like I said, many types of heart worm medicines for dogs these days. Everything from gels that you put on their tongues, to chewies that are like miniature treats, to even things you have to put in their not so pleasant areas. All of these methods work, so choosing the one that is easiest for you is the key to ensuring your dog is protected from heart worms.

There are also heart worm pills for dogs that you can give your fido once a month to become a regular heartworm fighting machine. As long as his body has this medicine in his blood stream, it is going to instantly put an end to heart worms, and you aren't going to have to worry about him getting any nasties from being outside.

Heartworms can come from anywhere, other dogs, other animals like squirrels, cats, ferrets, and even from a small mosquito bite. This is why having a good preventative heartworm pill for dogs is the best bet to keeping your dog safe.

The well known heart worm medication for dogs mentioned previously is Interceptor. Interceptor is amazing and pretty much the best thing since the wheel. It is available in various forms from a chewable treat to a once a month pill to a liquid or gel that is placed on the dogs neck to prevent the mosquitos from landing on him. The gel that is placed on the neck is the best option if you live near swampy areas because mosquitoes are the largest carrier for the heart worm larvae mentioned previously.

To sum up this article, your dog does not have to have a death sentence because of heartworm disease. The heartworm preventatives available on the market today are excellent. This deadly disease is highly preventable and providing your loving pooch with the defenses to fight it is the best way to say I love you.

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