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What Types Of Garage Doors Can You Get

What Types Of Garage Doors Can You Get


What Types Of Garage Doors Can You Get

by Jim Dansley

The types of garage doors are many and varied. You can choose from a single car or a double or more garage. You have wood or metal doors, with or without windows, painted or stained. There are a lot of things to decide on when choosing your doors.

First you need to figure out if you need a single door for a one car garage or a pair of singles or a double for a two car garage. Then you have to decide if you need them to swing open like a regular door or do you want them to roll up or to just raise up in a single panel. And do they need to open automatically or manually.

Now you have to choose whether you want wood or metal on the outside and do you want them lined with enameled steel or some other metal on the inside. The metal on the inside helps add to the security and insulation values.

Should you decide to use wood then you have to decide which wood your going to use. Some of the most used types of wood are African mahogany and cedar. There are other woods to choose from but most people think these make the best looking doors and they stand up to the weather very well.

You can have doors that are arched across the top or they can be straight. Windows can be installed in them whatever their shape if you want. Some people like the look of the windows and the fact that they let the light in. Other people don't like them because they feel insecure because the windows can be broken and let someone in.

You will also need to decide if you want to put any windows in the door or doors. Most of the windows are placed up near the tops of the doors and allow light to come in but are hard to enter through. Some homeowners feel more secure without the windows and don't have them installed.

You can get different types of garage doors already made, or you can have them custom made. You can choose from modern styles to carriage house styles to antique looking. They can have straight lines or be curved or arched across the top. IF you choose wood you can have the grain either vertical or horizontal. There are many things to think about and decide on before you purchase one. Because you probably will have it for several years you want to make a good choice that you and your family can live with for a long time.

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