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What To Love With Netpal Online

What To Love With Netpal Online


What To Love With Netpal Online

by Pagan Moore

We can't deny that kids nowadays are also into technology. But with many bad things in the Internet, parents are quite hesitant to give this freedom to their kids. Of course, the Internet has been a niche for many child cases and has vast information on things that kids must stay away from. To address this issue in total security for children, the Disney Netpal Online is made available.

Netpal online is the latest technology coupled with Asus and Disney. Asus is a well known brand in computer technology with its line of cheap yet reliable and competent laptops. Disney, on the other hand has been noted by providing us fairy tales and cartoons as well as entertainment, not only boxed in our television screens, but also the movie. When combined, the two companies had produced Disney NetPal.

Disney's NetPal new gadget is perfect for your child that is techy. This is designed to provide fun and entertainment for them. This also emphasized learning, while being online. The good side of this piece is that this is really for children. So if you are a father or a mother to a son or a daughter, you need not fear of navigating the unwanted content on the web, this can be a good way to ensure safe navigation.

The Netpal Disney is available in two colors. So you will not be afraid that this might not suit the taste of your child. One is labeled as Blue Magic. It is dark blue with small heads of Mickey. On the other hand, it also has what they call as the Princess Pink. It is pink with swirls of color on each side. This makes this definitely a stylish gadget for boys and girls.

The material aspect of Netpal Disney is really impressive. It has 1.6 GHz Atom processor with 1GB of RAM. For the hard drive storage, it can allocate up to 72 GB of available memory. In addition, it has 3 USB ports standard, 1 SD card slot with a built in webcam. There is also a wireless ready detection of hot spots and access point. This really makes it truly practical.

For the software aspect it is already loaded with Windows XP and Disney applications. It has Disney Mix Central and the Online Media Store. With this you can download videos, TV episodes of the different Disney shows and music. It has 40 different parental controls. As a parent you can create and manipulate these settings as well. It even provides lock desktop disabling some administrator activities and privileges. Even the web browser is also locked down.

Overall, it's like a regular laptop to a younger audience. Each child would certainly love this. So what are you waiting for? Drop the big surprise to your child as soon as possible. Buy Disney NetPal immediately.

About the Author:
Looking forward to have a new gadget this year? Better check Buy Netpal Online where we will tell you why kids would like this.

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