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What Kinds Of Educational Surgery Games Are Available Online?

What Kinds Of Educational Surgery Games Are Available Online?


What Kinds Of Educational Surgery Games Are Available Online?

by Dan Foote

Playing surgery games are both educational and fun because they teach you facts about the human body, while you are having fun. You get to learn a lot about how Doctors work and what they do plus the diagnosis process on how they treat illnesses. This gives your average Joe the opportunity to experience the excitement of being a Doctor without 8 years in college.

Since surgery games are so educational I get asked a lot, what surgery games are the most educational ones? This is best explained as most of them are very educational in their own way, but lots of them focus on different parts of the human body so you should decide which one sounds like it would be the best to you. Keep in mind that a lot of the games that I am going to mention are very old and will require you to run DOSBox in order to run them. Instructions for this can be found at the below site.

First the Life and Death series is a prime example or a great series of surgery games that were made for the old DOS based computers. This is an amazing educational game that was way ahead of its time. You get to make the normal decisions that a doctor would make such as diagnosing your patients and operating on them.

Next is Edhead games which are packed full of information and quite easy as they guide you through the surgery process. They may be flash games but they are anything but simple, they may not have as much content as something like Life and Death but they will still offer enough content to keep you occupied for quite a while.

Yet another fun and educational game is Laser Surgeon: The Microscopic Mission. This game is a little more hand eye coordination oriented but still offers the same educational value to it. So if you have steady hands and want to play a game that takes knowledge and skill than you will greatly enjoy this game.

There may not be as many surgery games as there are other genres available online, the ones that are available are a blast to play and I'm sure you will love them. I recommend that you take a look at all of the surgery games online and see if there is a particular one that stands out to you and try that one out.

About the Author:
For an extensive list of fun surgery games online for free visit the above site. However, if you are looking for more information on Life and Death the above link will show you all the games they have made.

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