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What Is A Bandwidth Speed Test

What Is A Bandwidth Speed Test


What Is A Bandwidth Speed Test

by Selena Larkey

Barley five or six years ago it was still common to find dial up connections in many households. Today, thankfully, this technology has all but disappeared. We all now expect high speeds instantly. If you have ever had to wait half a minute to open a basic web page they you will understand how frustrating a slow speed can be. The best method to find out whether you have a problem with your connection is to use a bandwidth speed test to get a clearer picture.

When we choose internet service providers one of the main considerations is the potential download and upload speeds that they advertise. Most ISPs will tell you their maximum speeds but generally these are rarely had. There are many different factors that play a role in determining how fast you can send and receive data online. If an ISP states a speed of 3.1mbps you should not expect to have such a fast transfer rate twenty four hours a day.

The length of the Ethernet cable you use to connect your PC to the modem, the time of day that you are online, as well as the actual model of modem and router you use will all be factors in determining the internet speeds you receive. If you feel that the problem is not down to an issue with your equipment than before you lodge a complaint with your ISP it is important to carry out a bandwidth test at various hours of the day.

It is typical to find that most of us will go online at the same time of day. For example in the evenings more people log on and surf the net and check their mail. It should be expected that the speeds decrease at such times. The same holds true for the weekends, the greater number of people that connect to a particular ISP at the same time the slower the service will be.

When choosing a test, you should first have a little understanding of how they work. A packet of data is sent to a host computer and then returned to your PC. The time it takes for this packet to be sent and received will be used to calculate your upload and download speeds. Choose a test with a server in your country as otherwise they results will not be so accurate.

Today there are plenty of choices when it comes to finding a speed test. A quick online search will provide you with many options. These websites are free to use and generally the actual test applications involve flash programming. For this you will need a flash player installed such as Adobe.

If you are presented with data that confirms a problem with your speed no matter what time of day it is, then you can send this information to your ISP so that they can propose a solution.

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