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What Effect Does MSG Cause?

What Effect Does MSG Cause?


What Effect Does MSG Cause?

by Christian Goodman

I was watching a television show recently where a man went to a Chinese restaurant and asked the waiter, "Does your food contain MSG?" To that, the waiter replied, "Do you want MSG?" The man replied, "No, of course not," to which the waiter responded, "Never had it, never will!"

This sort of got me to thinking. I can recall when I first heard of Monosodium glutamate (MSG). At the time, it was the latest and greatest thing. These days, everyone seems to be scrambling to avoid it.

I avoid it as well but I wondered just how many people avoid it for their health without actually knowing what it is and what ill side effects are associated with MSG.

A flavor enhancer created chemically is called MSG. The Japanese discovered it in 1900's and it's in use from that time.

The best thing is one should always try to avoid MSG. It is mostly used in ready to eat food, canned meat, processed food and soups.

MSG is also hidden by certain word substitutes on the labels. Look for "natural flavorings" or "hydrolyzed sodium."

But what is the problem with MSG? If it enhances the favor and the taste of my food with no side effects.

The problem is MSG do has side effects and some of them are major. It is an excitoxin. The chemical is MSG will actually excite the brain neuron's and sometimes cause them to even die.

Side effects can include rashes, headaches and symptoms of allergies such as sneezing, wheezing and nasal discharge.

As this chemical additive affects the brain, it can for many, exacerbate an already existing neurological disorder such as Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's.

Dangerous and some times life threatening side effects are related to MSG. Some of them are asthma, brain cell death and tumors.

Nature is always better than artificial. You should remember health is important than taste. Therefore, to ensure good heath and brain activity I always avoid MSG and recommend others to do so.

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About the Author:
Christian Goodman is known all over the globe for his unique solutions to several complicated and even incurable conditions. His revolutionary dementia remedy is saving thousands of people right now. Learn more about Christian and his solutions on his natural health alternative blog.

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