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What Can the Cordyceps Mushroom Do For Your Health?

What Can the Cordyceps Mushroom Do For Your Health?


What Can the Cordyceps Mushroom Do For Your Health?

by Jacob Hansen

In the higher elevations where temperatures and oxygen levels are low, grows what the Chinese believe to be an unusual and powerful fungus, which is the cordyceps mushroom. According to the Chinese, the effects of ingesting this mushroom include improvement to overall health and to the body's glands in particular.

It is believed that this mushroom was discovered in the pastures of the Tibetan mountains more than 1,500 years ago, after noting that the animals that grazed there became more lively after eating this therapeutic fungi. Subsequently it was considered an energy tonic in the Orient and now contemporary studies and research have only started to disclose the health advantages of medicinal mushrooms like these. It has been established that the advantages to the glands lead to an increase in the body's levels of energy.

There have been placebo controlled, double blind tests performed at the Medical University in Beijing that do support claims that the cordyceps mushroom is even more superior to the ginseng in its most potent form. In both 1993 and 1994, the women's track and field team of China broke several of the world records. It was suspected that performance enhancing drugs played a part in their success, yet when the athletes were tested, nothing illegal was found. The coach said that the team had been doing their training at higher altitudes and that they had been consuming a tonic made from this organic mushroom.

Medicinal cordyceps mushrooms have been shown to be of assistance in reducing stress, as well as being useful in raising your energy in order to help fight persistent fatigue. This medicinal mushroom has even been proven to boost the body's natural levels of antioxidants, which encourages longevity. Other rewards include useful antibacterial and anti-tumor properties.

Many physicians use forms of the cordyceps mushroom as a co-treatment along with other medications when treating diseases such as chronic heart failure, elderly fatigue, heart arrhythmia, cerebrovascular disease, leukemia, hepatitis B, atherosclerosis, renal and respiratory illnesses and many different cardiovascular diseases. The health benefits of this mushroom include an increase in the opening of the aorta by as much as 40%, which increases the cardiac output. They also are considered to be a very effective treatment for other health related issues, such as high blood pressure and other chronic illnesses. Conversely, they are used as a support in order to help maintain good respiratory and cardiovascular health.

About the Author:
The medicinal mushroom is experiencing renewed popularity for its ability to help with numerous health conditions. Visit the Medicinal Mushrooms site to learn more about the health benefits of mushrooms such as shiitake, maitake and reishi.

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