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What Can I Do To Avoid Bruising Altogether?

What Can I Do To Avoid Bruising Altogether?


What Can I Do To Avoid Bruising Altogether?

by Jan Doan

A common question or consideration that you might hear from people is 'what can i do to prevent bruising altogether'? a lot of people bruise excessively and this can create a lot of ugly blemishes all over their skin. Bruises are certainly not life threatening, but they certainly are unattractive and people would rather no have them. There are a lot of things that can be done in order to prevent bruises altogether, and there are also a lot of ways you can treat them when you do get them.

First of all make sure that you guard your vulnerable areas as much as you can. Wear protective clothing anywhere where you bruise easily. Wear long sleeves arms and trousers in order to protect any exposed areas. Ask your doctor about any sort of protective options for those areas where you are most at risk. In addition, keep yourself away from harm as much as you can. If there any any things that you do that cause you to bruise, make sure that you avoid them as much as possible.

Another thing that can cause bruising is a lack of vitamin K. This can cause the blood to clot poorly which can lead to severe bruising. This vitamin is rife in things like green vegetables so its important that you look to incorporate things like cabbage and broccoli into your regular diet.

Another reason that you might be seeing bruises appear for no discernible reason is that you you are not getting sufficient amounts of vitamin C into your diet as well. This vitamin is important in making sure that the capillary walls are strong and therefore do not leak blood which can result in bruising. You can get this vitamin from all sorts of different fruits and fruit juices. If you find that your diet is lacking in things like fruit and vegetables then its important you start to eat them on a regular basis. If you don't then getting a multivitamin supplement is a good alternative.

You can also use arnica cream which not only helps to prevent bruising but also helps them to heal quickly when you do get them. You should spread the cream over the area that is bruised several times each day unless the skin is broken as it is poisonous internally.

Another good treatment is hydrotherapy. You should get hold of two towels and soak one of them in warm water and the other in cold. Then place the warm towel on the bruise for three minutes followed by the cold one for half a minute. Repeat this process four or five times daily to help the bruise to clear more quickly.

Last of all, you can use a bit of aromatherapy. Get together the necessary oils and rub them lightly into the skin. Then wrap a bandage over the area nice and loosely.

These are the sorts of things that you can do to both prevent and treat bruises.

About the Author:
In many cases their are many that bruise easy compared to other people and to get help to prevent bruising from happening could be done through bruise treatment.

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