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What Are The Top Warning Signs Of Diabetes?

What Are The Top Warning Signs Of Diabetes?


What Are The Top Warning Signs Of Diabetes?

by John Goldman

There are two types of diabetes also the symptoms and signs are quite similar as blood sugar is quite high due to a less production or less of insulin.

If the quantity of glucose in cells is insufficient then it's verifiable through the some sign and marks. These marks could be easily healed as diabetes gets treated also lessening probability for generating some genuine health condition.

Type -1 diabetes

In the diabetes type one, pancreas would stop the production of insulin due to the autoimmune response or the possibly viral attack on the pancreas.

In the absence of the insulin and sufficient quantity of glucose does not reach the body cells for the development of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) units that would leads in the initial symptoms in the form of vomiting and nausea.

In the next stage it would leads to ketoacids, in this stage body start breaking the muscles tissue of the body and the fats in order to generate energy which would cause weight loss. In the advanced stages, death and coma too could be witnessed

Type -2 diabetes

Get tired easily

Because of inefficiency of cells for metabolizing glucose, reserve the fats present in the body are metabolized in order to gain some energy. When the fats are broken in body, it would use more of energy as compared to the glucose. Hence, body would go into negative calorie, resulting into fatigue feeling.


With a requirement of enhance in the glucose in blood, the brain gets an indication for weaken and the response would be left behind feeling thirsty.


Hormone insulin also is accountable for the exciting hunger. For contending up with the huge levels of sugar in the blood, the body would make insulin that would lead to an instant hunger.


An access in the creation of the urine due to too much glucose that is there in the body. The body efforts to eradicate the extreme quantity of sugar being in the body by the way of discharging through the urine. This would result to dehydration. Along with flow of the sugar, a great quantity of water also is discharge from the body too.

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John Goldman is an expert in matters relating to Health and Fitness .To learn more about health,diet and nutrition visit John Goldman's Health And Fitness Page

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