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What Are The First Signs And Symptoms Of Pregnancy?

What Are The First Signs And Symptoms Of Pregnancy?


What Are The First Signs And Symptoms Of Pregnancy?

by Lisa Castro

There are many early signs of pregnancy. Some of these signs would be extreme fatigue, slight bleeding, cramping, cravings for certain food and change in body temperature. A number of the symptoms of being pregnant would be mood swings, headaches, changes in appetite and even aversion to certain foods. But this is often not the quality factor for each woman. Not everyone would expertise all these signs and symptoms.

Some will experience a few of the symptoms while others might experience all of them. Moreover the intensity of each symptom differs per person. So the best way to determine as to whether you are pregnant would be through a home pregnancy test. But there are also other signs as to how one can see if they are pregnant.

One way would be by how your breasts feel. Pregnant women would have tender breasts because the breasts are being prepared for breast feeding. This often occurs during the first eight weeks. Another sign would be frequent urination. During the first 13 weeks or the first trimester, you will keep going to the restroom to urinate because the uterus is expanding to make way for the baby. This pushes against the bladder making you urinate more. After going through the first trimester, the second trimester is said to be much easier for the mother. The early signs that drain the mother physically are all over. Furthermore the mother will be able to get better sleep. It is also during this time when you will hear the first heartbeat of the baby. You will also feel the movements of your baby inside your body at this time.

The final stage of the pregnancy would be the final trimester. During this time, the fetus becomes too big already to move around in the uterus. The baby is getting heavier causing the mother to experience back pains. Some mothers' ankles start to swell because of the added weight on the legs.

The journey to bringing a child into the world is exhausting but very fulfilling. And all these start with the first signs of pregnancy. So it is important that you will really find out properly if you are indeed pregnant. Do not just rely on signs and symptoms. Get a home pregnancy kit. if you have any more concerns, visit your doctor.

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