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What Are Old Coins Worth?

What Are Old Coins Worth?


What Are Old Coins Worth?

by Pete Marks

Many people collect old coins for many reasons. Some people collect coins as a hobby some collect coins for their metal or their numismatic value. Regardless collecting coins can be fun and rewarding.

Some people will even collect coins just from one country others will collect coins made of certain metals or from certain era. Some collectors will collect just mint and others will collect any old coins of value.

Coin values are determined by many factors such as age, condition and where it was minted. In recent months many collectors are snapping up the more valuable mint coins and driving up the value of old coins because most coins contain precious metals such as gold and silver.

Many people only feel comparable purchasing their coins from local coin dealers or shops. I've been your best coin deals will be found at online auction sites. There are a multitude of reasons from buying either from a dealer or purchasing online.

One of the main benefits of collecting old coins from a dealer locally is you get to physically inspect up close. One of the other advantages is that you are less likely to find a fake coin when purchasing locally. When dealing locally the local coin dealer you can establish a relationship and the dealer keep you informed of certain coins you are looking for.

The benefits of collecting old coins from auction sites online are numerous to. You often find coins at going prices which are considered acceptable when you purchase that auction prices without paying a premium. Also you can often find coins that would be difficult to find from your local coin dealer or coin shop.

It may be a little more confusing purchasing coins online but once you have developed a relationship with an online coin dealer or auction seller you will also establish a relationship of trust and a source you can go back to. Most auction sites rate their sellers and this way you may have a good idea on who is best to buy from. In todays age most sellers online have very reasonable refund policies so making a return on a purchased coin that does not arrive in the condition advertise should be a problem.

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