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What Are Giveaway Events?

What Are Giveaway Events?


What Are Giveaway Events?

by Cliff Truss

Giveaway events are a fantastic medium in the internet marketing arena. Two of the primary reasons for this are as follows:

1.Contributors to these events are given the chance to gain more subscribers to their list. And,

2.They serve as a one-stop-shop to members who have joined. There are normally hundreds of free gifts to choose from.

A little bit more detail:

1.Affiliate marketers are invited to contribute to the forthcoming event by the organisers.

2.The affiliates who decide to join, then have the opportunity to add their free gifts to the event. Normally, contributors can add one gift for free, or they can upgrade for a small fee (typically between $7 and $17) to add a further two gifts.

3. The next step is to seek more potential joint venture (JV) contributors to the event. Promotional emails are distributed inviting these prospective JV partners to join up and submit their own products. Steps two and three then get repeated so that as many contributors join the event as possible. Those marketers who manage to persuade the most JV partners to join are rewarded by the event as their free gifts are given more exposure to the members which should result in more opt-ins to their list.

4. Then, 4 days prior to the launch of the event, the JV contributors are encouraged to really promote to their lists, meaning that a lot of prospective customers are also driven to the event.

5. The JV contributor who has not been successful in persuading any of his or her list to sign up, or hasn't been promoting the event, will have his contributor status removed and will become another member. Which would obviously mean that they would be unable to build their list up.

So to summarise, these giveaway events are cool for the contributors as they offer a fantastic opportunity to build their list. The members are also happy as they are able to obtain tons of free products - all from one area only!

About the Author:
Learn more about giveaway events. Stop by Cliff Truss's blog where you can discover the different internet marketing resources he has on offer for you. for you. Please feel free to reproduce this article, however you must reproduce it in it's entirety including this resource box.

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