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What Affects My Google Page Position?

What Affects My Google Page Position?


What Affects My Google Page Position?

by Nigel Evans

Its important to understand Google page position whenever you are looking to improve your appearance on the Internet and trying to understand what search engine optimization is all about. Google is by far the largest engine and is on everyone's radar when it comes to the art and science of improving their rankings. While the company never tells us how they go about deciding who appears within search engine results and in what order, many experts have tried to analyze algorithms over time and come up with some pretty shrewd observations.

When you establish a website online with the objective of selling information, products or services, your goal is to get your wares in front of as many people as possible. Invariably, this will mean that you need to rank well in the eyes of the search engines, so that they display the details of your website as prominently as possible to people who search appropriately.

Almost invariably, most of the visitors to your website will come as a result of a search through one of the major search engines. Your Google page position is decided by the company by a process of ranking points. There's a lot that you can do to influence this situation, but mainly you need to provide the best content and appropriate material on your pages in relation to your all important keywords.

Keywords are everything when it comes to your site, your campaign and your potential success. They are primary when it comes to determining your Google page position. Always put a lot of effort into determining what your keywords should be and do not be too general as otherwise you're likely to get a lot of unmotivated visitors to your site will not necessarily convert at all.

Google page position relies in large part upon your ability to present your page appropriately. There are certain fundamental SEO tasks that you must perform to make sure that your page ranks for the keyword, but it is not just a technical exercise. In fact, the major search engines want you to provide excellent and authoritative information, which is also ranked by others accordingly. This type of social proof is provided when an authority site provides a link to your site and this is especially important if the linking site is deemed to be worthy.

By providing excellent sources of information, over time a number of good-quality sites will be linking to you. As Google page position is largely determined by a formula known as "Page rank," it follows that if the linking site has a high PR, then your site will benefit from such an association. PR is defined as a figure between zero and 10.

Don't be tempted to try and employ what are known as "black hat" tactics to try and fool the search engine into giving you a higher Google page position. Sometimes it just takes time to make progress and you're better off doing it the right way to start off with.

As the algorithms used to determine Google page position are always changing, it is highly advisable that you keep up-to-date with everything that is going on in this world by joining some of the excellent Internet marketing and SEO membership sites online. Remember knowledge is everything in this game.

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