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Wedding Choices That Reflect The Personalities Of The Couple Getting Married

Wedding Choices That Reflect The Personalities Of The Couple Getting Married


Wedding Choices That Reflect The Personalities Of The Couple Getting Married

by Connor Sullivan

Planning to be married in Southern California offers a tremendous amount of choices and offers one of the most magnificent areas in the United States in terms of natural beauty. A Santa Barbara wedding can be a glamorous affair with what is described as a Mediterranean climate and a greatly preferred environment of splendid scenery. This area has been given the descriptive nickname of the "American Riviera" and that very much tells a person how exquisite it is. By the same token, a Ventura wedding can be extremely alluring to a younger, hipper crowd because of its wonderful surfing opportunities and lovely beaches. This area is known as a surfer's paradise and it is aptly named as well. Although these locations offer many different amenities and ceremony choices, there are the some decisions that remain the same to each bride and groom.

Invitations must be selected and can be as straight-forward as a handwritten note or a beautifully engraved invitation. Recently, the penned letter has gained popularity as ceremonies have increasingly taken place in outdoor gardens, wineries and on beaches. It just seems fitting to pair a handwritten invitation with these outdoor events.

Flowers can also be as elaborate as huge sprays of orchids and roses or as simple as daisies or freesia blossoms. One bride recently used beautiful bouquets of peonies from her grandmother's garden for her garden ceremony and they were spectacular. When doing this of course, it is essential to be mindful what flowers will be in peak bloom and beauty at the time they would be needed for decorations.

Photographers also offer more formal packages of photos or some specialize in random, candid shots of the guest and celebrant participants. One word of caution, if a friend or relative offers to save you this expense, be sure they are up to the task . It can be distressing to discover that "Uncle Fred" forgot to take the time to truly focus on good picture opportunities until it is too late and you have blurry mementoes of the big day and no chance to retake them. This same advice also pertains to someone who offers to videotape the ceremony for you who does not have professional experience and expertise.

Caterers are tremendously flexible of late and can accommodate any menu choice and budget restriction that may be presented to them. When the finances are limited a fine selectionis a drinks and hors d'oeuvre offering. Appetizers that are artfully arranged make a good presentation and can be as simple or as fancy as desired. This is an especially appealing choice for an early afternoon or late evening celebration. Another cost effective choice is a buffet bar with a predetermined menu that is designed to allow guests to mingle and chat while helping themselves to a light lunch or dinner. This buffet frequently provides various salads and either sandwiches or two to three meat choices with breads and vegetables rounding out the selection. It is even possible to order these catering choices from an upscale grocery store and have willing parties assist in dishing out food and refilling dwindling offerings.

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