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Wearing Your Way To The Top

Wearing Your Way To The Top


Wearing Your Way To The Top

by Malcolm A. Wagner

While fashion and attention to clothing are usually associated with women, the need to look attractive is definitely not women's prerogative alone. Men also need to pay adequate attention to the way they look and the way they present themselves in order to make a good impression in their social and professional circles.

For men, looking tall is an important part of making a positive impression on people. This is aptly reflected in the term 'tall, dark, and handsome', which is associated with good looking men. However, just because you are not naturally tall does not mean that you cannot look tall. There are several things that you can do to look taller - the way you dress up and whether you wear height increasing shoes or not are two of the most important among them.

Your dress can play a major role in how tall or short you look. For instance, if you wear a shirt having horizontal stripes, you will look short, but if you wear one having vertical stripes, you will appear taller than your actual height. Likewise, if you wear shirts that are too long, without tucking them in, you may look shorter than you are.

The colour of your dress can also have a significant and noticeable effect on your height. Too much of contrast in colours of clothes should be avoided, and you must wear shirts that match the colour of your trousers. Moreover, always avoid a lot of different colours in your dress.

Although the above tips will help you create some impression of being tall, the maximum impact in this respect is created by your choice of shoes. This is where the importance of height increasing shoes lies.

A great feature of height increasing shoes is that they are designed such that the exterior of the shoes resemble your regular shoes. However, the lifts or height increasing pads inside these shoes increase the wearer's height.

Smartly designed height increasing shoes are available for different uses and occasions, be it for a marriage ceremony, a regular office visit, or simply for casual purposes like going shopping. These shoes are functional, durable and stylish at the same time. They not only serve the purpose of augmenting height but also make the wearer look trendy.

Height increasing shoes besides other dressing tactics will raise your confidence significantly, and you will feel great to wear them as they will make you stand tall among your friends. These easy to follow dressing tactics can help you draw the admiration and appreciation of people and be popular both at your workplace and in your community.

About the Author:
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