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Ways Coaches Can Make Practice Fun And Exciting For Kids

Ways Coaches Can Make Practice Fun And Exciting For Kids


Ways Coaches Can Make Practice Fun And Exciting For Kids

by Connor Sullivan

Throughout the United States, there are many people who coach thousands of kids year after year. Many times, coaches are parents from the community, who give up their time to coach the youth sports programs. It can sometimes be quite challenging for coaches to come up with ways to make practice fun for the kids, which are usually held at least twice a week. If you are a coach for a team, it would be a good idea to ask the school if you would be able to borrow some new equipment. For example, a baseball coach could use pitching machine in place of the coach standing there throwing the balls to the grade school children, that way more kids could take a turn, it creates excitement for the kids, and it means the coach has more opportunity to observe the athletes. Pitching machines are not sold at too high a price and schools usually have one in their possession. Below is a more detailed list of ways in which coaches can do to make practices more exciting for kids:

1. Think of or research games the young children can play that will help them practice. This is a good choice because the kids can have fun while practicing, so everyone is happy, including the coach. Sometimes, for instance, soccer coaches have kids play a game where the ball is thrown in the middle and two people try to get it and whoever scores wins. This is just one example of a fast-paced game that can be played for fun and for practice.

2. If you are coaching a team sport, let the kids play each other during the last part of practice. This is an activity which may be used as a motivator to get the aspiring athletes to behave during their practice time and the children almost always love to have the extra competition to show off their skills they have learned.

3. Make an effort to borrow some new equipment to the practice. Children almost always love to try new things, so this can be exciting for them. For example, there are occasions when tennis coaches like to bring in a tennis ball machine that spits the balls out at a chosen speed. Kids really like any kind of new technology that is brought in by the adult volunteer. Again, it can be a good motivator in getting the kids to behave well and focus during the normal drill exercises. For instance, a lot of times coaches use the new machines as a reward if someone does something particularly well, then they get to be the first to try the machine. These can be a great coaching tool when used in the correct manner.

Coaching kids, especially for the first time, can be a really difficult task. It can be a lot of fun and very rewarding, but also it requires plenty of time. So, to have less stress as a coach, it is important to try to learn how to run practices so that the coach and the kids are happy and productive. There is no reason why the normal drills cannot be both fun and productive. The most important thing is to keep practices interesting and entertaining for the kids and to keep the kids learning at least a little something.

About the Author:
Coach Connor Sullivan operates a baseball web site that offers a special type of pitching machine as well as training aids and coaching/instructional videos along with lots of free coaching content. He offers a large selection of good quality pitching machines for online customers.

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