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Vital Information About Frauds and Protection

Vital Information About Frauds and Protection


Vital Information About Frauds and Protection

by Odessa Dessi

Most people who have a love for pets have done so since they were children. That love of animals definitely goes with them to adulthood, and most people end up have a cat or dog as a pet. Unfortunately, there are pet scammers who are quick to use people's love of animals to cheat them.

Puppy mills are held by several con artists around the world. Sellers receive these animals from brokers through shipping. Internet ads are then put up by the sellers, attracting buyers who take their word for it.

When they're advertising on the internet there's usually a picture of a very cute or pretty animal. The puppy is always touted as a purebred with championship abilities, and an extremely high price tag. If you want to buy, money is always required up front. The scam is that when the animals arrives, IF it ever arrives, it will not be the same one in the picture.

Another problem with pet scanners is that they state that the animal has all its shots and is in good physical condition. Many buyers have received animals that are ill or die shortly after arrival. Buying from any source that is not certified is not a good idea.

The person buying the puppy thinks they are paying for the animal they saw in the picture on the internet. What's real is that there never was an animal for sale, and the money you sent is now gone. Lots of people have lost hundreds to thousands of dollars because they thought they were buying purchasing a purebred champion - which are extremely expensive. Stay aware of this potential problem and always take the time to check with a service such as 411infoseek.com/803/218/ to verify the person who calls you is truly who they say they are.

There is one variant of the pet scam that claims that the dog has to be shipped from out of the country, and asks for money to cover shipping. The scammer then keeps the money and never sends a pet. The buyer can do absolutely nothing to recover the money.

Pet scammers have many stories to tell that sound legitimate. Stories often revolve around abandoned pets from people who love their animal, but can no longer keep the pet. People overseas who have to give up their pet for various reasons are also a current story. Of course, all of these situations require money up front.

The best way to avoid pet scammers is to know who the pet is being purchased from. If possible, a buyer needs to look at the animal's parents and view the prospective pet in person. Trying to purchase from an unknown here or overseas is just looking for trouble. A legitimate breeder will be well-known and can be easily investigated. Additionally, anytime money is requested up-front, one should question the transaction.

About the Author:
To learn more about reverse phone look up services that allow to track scammers, go to 411infoseek.com/504/912/

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