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Using Music As Your Vehicle For Success

Using Music As Your Vehicle For Success


Using Music As Your Vehicle For Success

by Royston Tan

Music is lovely to listen to if it is your selected genre. It somehow fills an empty void that is in serious need of filling and it makes you want to do things you never thought were possible. But when it comes to actually making the music that brings pleasure to your ears it is not at all that easy.

Anyone who wants to be successful in music must be unique. Having a style that stands out from the rest of the others is a powerful way of getting established. Being unique means you try to be different from what is already out there and at the same time offering a better quality of music. So if your role model plays a popular black electric guitar you must get a white or pink one and proceed to strum it differently.

The next step would be to establish an image that people use to associate with you and your music. An image can be what you wear or how you walk and talk. But whatever the case may be it must be original. Rock bands normally have the dark eye shadow and the chaotic looking hair as an image for the crazy sound they deliver.

It is undoubted that there are established sounds out there and it wouldn't help to be similar in terms of delivery and production. Innovation means you resort to newer and acceptable ways of doing things. Consider what competitors are doing and try to offer something new. Everytime your sound evolves it is obvious that a new pool of supporters will emerge automatically, capitalize on that.

So if your music goes out there and people love it you will be faced with one minor problem, maintaining your quality or image. Consistency is what a number of musicians struggle to attain and this can be their downfall if they are careless. If you have established a reputation for wearing a full face helmet on stage then people will want to see that perhaps forever.

In as much as people try to deny this but controversy actually sells. When followers of your music hear about something that you did behind the scenes they will want to know what you think about it. So they will scurry around music stores when your album or single is out just to know what is going on. But it is important to stay clear of controversies that can potentially destroy your career.

But without patience all this is useless. Patience is about setting realistic goals and removing any pressures that can get you anxious and nervous. Clear the air and allow yourself to breath so that when something doesn't work out you won't have a nervous breakdown. Set your men's sport watch and give yourself time to grow and mature as a musician.

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