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Using Black Colored Things To Bring Cool To Life

Using Black Colored Things To Bring Cool To Life


Using Black Colored Things To Bring Cool To Life

by Royston Tan

Using black to bring cool to life has been a well-known trick in almost every type of fashion for as long as people can remember. Clothiers understood hundreds of years ago that black is able to slim a person down if it's worn correctly on the body. It is a completely timeless color and has done well in bringing style to a wide variety of fashions and things.

Consider a black sport watch; everybody knows that the two colors that go with everything (black and white) are opposite ends of the color spectrum. Everything else in between is just a shade or two different from those colors. Stylish, cool and very functional looking, such a watch really manages to look good no matter the wrist or the style of watch, in truth.

Truly, the two colors that manage to look good with everything are black and white. Think about how really slick a brand-new car looks when it's done up in black. Now, it might take a bit more work to keep something completely black clean but it might be worth it. Certainly some of the most famous movie cars in the world have been black. Think about it for a minute.

In the world of rock 'n roll, some of the most famous musicians in history have played instruments in that color. For instance, British rock and roller Eric Clapton -- who first came to our attention during the 1960s and the 'British Invasion' -- has played a guitar he calls 'Blackie' for years. It's a Fender Stratocaster and the man and the black electric guitar go together like nothing else.

Just as the 1990s was a decade of bright colors this new millennium seems to be more about stylish cool, and even motorcyclists -- many of whom like very bright Japanese superbikes -- realize that having a black helmet in the collection is the way to go when trying to project a certain image out on the road. Certainly, most Harley-Davidson riders wouldn't be caught with anything but such a helmet.

It seems like black is also a color celebrated in song, especially rock songs (as Eric Clapton certainly would verify). For example, how many people remember the song 'Back in Black?' As a rock anthem, it's hard to find a person who doesn't remember when this song first broke out in wide play back in late 1980. 'The years have flown but the song has shown, ' one would say.

At its heart, black is probably one color that anyone who has difficulty matching up things will want to have extensively in his or her life. This doesn't mean going with black walls and a blacklight, though. Rather, what it means is when shopping and in doubt, match it up with the color black if you want to make sure you bring a little stylish cool to the game.

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