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Uses For The Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

Uses For The Bluetooth Barcode Scanner


Uses For The Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

by Gary Hatcher

Barcodes became commercially successful when they were used to automate supermarket checkout systems. Barcodes which contain certain data on certain products are read by scanners, the newest version operated on the emerging Bluetooth technology, is idle in cases where cords create a fuss.

The Bluetooth barcode scanner helps in data collection on virtually any computer platform over a wide range of software applications. These scanners are based on the trend of combining high performance and futuristic design. These modern scanners can communicate to various devices ranging from barcode printers, computers, PDA's and even cell phones, which have taken scanning to a whole new next level. The scanner connects to their base stations as well adding more to the convenience. Only one-time settings are to be made by scanning set-up barcodes and the rest is all done by synchronising to the base. These scanners have the tendency to acquire and decode multiple entries within seconds of each other. The scanners are characterised majorly on the following aspects:

* Range

* Operating Time (number of scans per recharge)

* Memory capacity (how many codes can be stored)

The Bluetooth barcode scanner can scan over ranges varying from less than 2 ft to over 50 ft, thus resulting in effortless connectivity and freedom of mobility. The Bluetooth barcode scanner scours over barcodes in seconds. Connected to the USB port, PS/2 port or the traditional RS 232 port, they directly connect to the host or to onboard memory for later download. Built in decoder sends scanned data to the control centre just as if the data is being typed through a keyboard. One of the major advancements in theses scanners over the traditional barcode scanners is that these are capable of reading even tampered or poorly printed barcodes. The current Bluetooth barcode scanners are laser; LED or CCD based and are provided with the barcode label software to read both 1D and 2D codes. Generally, by default they read the following common linear symbols:

* Code 39



* Code 128

* Coda Bar

The Bluetooth barcode scanner is specifically designed to meet the demands of retail and light commercial applications and employed in the following sectors:

* Industrial Sector

* Shopping/Department Stores

* Music

* Grocery Stores

* Book Stores

* Apparel Stores

* Warehouse and Manufacturing

The only major limitation of these categories of scanners is the limited operation or scanning time permitted by the battery or rechargeable battery. Also, not all scanners read barcodes that are printed at small X dimensions (where, the x dimension is the width of the narrow bar in the code)

The bluetooth barcode scanner has come a long way from the original scanners use in the supermarket and have made barcode scanning no more a tedious job but a more convenient and hassle free job, most importantly, wireless.

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