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Used BMW 3-Series at Bargain Prices

Used BMW 3-Series at Bargain Prices


Used BMW 3-Series at Bargain Prices

by Uma Boyle

BMW as a company has made gigantic progress in luxury car manufacture. Ever since the company switched from making aircraft to cars as a result of treaties following the two world wars, the company has made a statement in the automotive industry and has proven a resilient player in the world of luxury cars. As a result, the name BMW is synonymous with class and quality. The actual brands that BMW makes vary. The one we want to examine now is the grandiose 3 series which continues to top in sales and popularity not just in Europe but in the world as a whole.

While sales for a brand new Series 3 BMW continue to remain steady, used versions of the car continue to stir the young and the restless worldwide. Possessors of the Series 3 continue to maintain maximum bragging rights. There is ample reason for this as we shall see.

One of the plus features that come with the Series 3 is the sheer power of the engine. The V8 six-cylinder engine boasts an impressive 414 horsepower which runs much faster, smoother and quieter than its competitors. This has made the car a hit with the young especially the eccentric professionals, celebrities and upper middle class workers.

The Series 3 also cuts an impressive appearance. It comes in a variety of color with the metallic grey outselling other colors. The stylish aerodynamic frame causes the car to appear a cross between a sports car and a regular top-notch sedan. Some custom versions come in 2-door but the majority spot 2 doors. The aluminum chrome wheels are fitted with special anti-skid brakes which respond accordingly to terrain variations. Talking of the brake system, the Series 3 boasts one of the safest in the industry. The ABS anti-skid mechanism continues to out-perform its competitors in more tests than one.

The interior of the used BMW Series 3 is a work of art. The seats can come in custom leather or regular material. In some models, there is the ability to pre-heat the leather seats. This can come in especially handy for people who dwell in cold regions and need to get into a warm car before driving off.

When it comes to sound, the M3 series tops its competition. It comes equipped with a standard Bose surround sound speaker system which is optimized for the best in acoustic interior sound. Some models also spot on-board DVD systems and GPS navigation. Currently, there is a partnership between Bose and Sirius radio and XM radio to provide BMW customers with standard satellite radio programming. All this adds to the luxury package that comes with the used BMW Series 3.

One of the best places to search for the used BMW is online. Most people start with EBay motors which now boast one of the largest car inventories in the world. EBay is also ideal if you are looking for custom models. The prices may range anywhere between $25,000 and $40,000 for a custom full-loaded brand. Other Internet sites also abound with sources for used BMW Series 3.

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