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Use Both Meditation And Hypnosis To Fight Stress

Use Both Meditation And Hypnosis To Fight Stress


Use Both Meditation And Hypnosis To Fight Stress

by Jonathan Park

In today's times, we find economic turmoil, an increasing number of people struggling to make ends meet, and a faster paced way of life. All these factors contribute to the increasing counts of people who are "stressed out". Fortunately, there is an abundance of stress management practices and techniques offered freely by people who have gone from stressed to stress-free. The bad news is that people have gotten used to the fast-paced life, and would like to get that instance miracle stress cure. I have more bad news for those people: there is none.

There are certain techniques that come close, though, but these still require a certain degree of time to learn. When mastered, however, you can proudly say you've kissed stress goodbye for good. The techniques I'm talking about are all related to relaxation. People can quickly alleviate the effects of stress by learning how to relax. Relaxation can be achieved in simple terms such as listening to music, playing games, or picking up a hobby. If you would like more advanced techniques in relaxation, there's nothing more to say with meditation.

The popularity of meditation has caused another stress management tool to be almost invisible to the masses: hypnosis. While both methods involve going into a trance to get that relaxed feeling, there is actually no such thing as meditation hypnosis for stress. There is, however, some ways to improve one by using the other. Before we go to that, let's take a look at each method.

Meditation: Meditation is said to have originated from yoga - a 5000 year old spiritual practice that hails from India. True or not, other eastern religions have practiced meditation. Even Christians meditate, and hearing the voice of God may or may not lead to a life of ministry. When meditation came to the western shores, it became more of a practice to be able to relax - stopping all thought to shut out everything else. Combined with a little imagery and breathing techniques, meditation is arguably one of the most effective stress management techniques.

Hypnosis: Hypnosis involves getting into a trance as well - the kind of trance you get when you are concentrating on a movie, a book, a video game, or while daydreaming. With hypnosis, however, you are more open to suggestions, thus can change your habits for the better. In fact, it has helped people quit smoking drinking, and lose weight.

Meditation and hypnosis have their own ideas on going into a trance. The result is the same: relaxation. By changing key elements in meditation, it can turn into self-hypnosis. If you can't initiate a trance with meditation, hypnosis for stress would be the way to go. Try both to see which one you think will work perfectly for you.

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