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UPS And Its Basic Types

UPS And Its Basic Types


UPS And Its Basic Types

by Scott Rodgers

UPS, Uninterrupted power supply is basically a standby power device. Not only this, but with the advancement in technology it has outgrown as a protector of computer system and its data. An uninterrupted power supply primarily protects the important and heavy data in computers at times when power fails.

Power outages, corresponding to a break in the power supply for a given amount of time or voltage spikes when powerful devices are stopped or started, your computer shuts off which results in data loss. However, if a UPS is positioned between the load such as computers and other data handling equipments and the main power supply, this will prevent the catastrophic shutting down of the appliances.

Since equipments like computers store very important and official data and are sensitive to sudden voltage surges need to be protected with this device. If one fails to protect the appliance with UPS, the data stored there gets completely corrupted. But, this uninterrupted power supply system provides you a stable and fixed voltage. Besides, a frequent variation often considered as fluctuations is noticed in the voltage. This can impair the working of the appliances. Moreover, the data stored in that appliance gets totally corrupted.

Inverter is a device that any UPS would include for the effective and continuous performance. It is basically used in transforming of DC voltage into AC voltage. And so depending on that, UPS are categorized in three main types.

Application where continuous and fixed power supply is needed, on line UPS are employed. This type of inverter is independent of voltage and frequency fluctuations and hence often known as voltage and frequency independent. Purely a sinusoidal output is received with such UPS. Servers, networks, labs and industries find the application of on line UPS, the most.

Line interactive or off line UPS are not much complicated and are more suitable to protect home appliances like personal computers. As soon as the power fluctuates or if there is some power failure, the device gets activated automatically.

Home UPS are also provided with a rechargeable battery system that carries reserved direct current to the inverter at the time when AC power supply is not available.

UPS is highly efficient device possessing the efficiency of about 80%. Additionally, these are a perfect combination of both reliability and low cost. The output provided by these is smooth and distortion free. One should take electricians help while installing them at your places.

About the Author:
Scott Rodgers is a noted author when it comes to extensive electrician works. His commendable knowledge has been fueling business for a host of workers, ranging from Charlotte Electricians to Reynoldsburg Electricians .

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