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Unique Tips For Dressing Your Fall Bridal Party

Unique Tips For Dressing Your Fall Bridal Party


Unique Tips For Dressing Your Fall Bridal Party

by Andrea McClure

One of your responsibilities as a bride is to dress your bridal party. This can be a bit challenging if you are planning a fall wedding with its more robust hues. First, not all your friends will look good in certain fall colors. Second you will have to use different flowers and more flattering styles if color does not flatter the figure or silhouette. You also want to make sure that your flower girl and ring bearer look as adorable as possible. Well don?t fret there is room for creativity and to make your bridal party looks its best. Here are some great suggestions and ideas to help you get started.

Fall means different things to different people depending on where they live in the United States and elsewhere. This is a great boon because it gives you more options to work with. In this article we will work with two common fall themes and demonstrate how you can best dress your bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girl, and ring bearer in season hues and make it look excellent.

Your bridesmaids are some of the most visible people of your bridal party because of their dresses. Unlike the groomsmen their entire clothing will be the hues and colors you chose. For a fashionable and understated look we can draw inspiration from the vineyard theme and the fall nature theme. Vineyard theme weddings focus on dark colors such as purple, maroon, crimson, and deep red. There also the colors associate with white wines, such as champagne or chardonnay which are light golden colors. A great option is to choose dresses in the darker colors and accent them with a splash of light wine colors. The contrast will be beautiful and elegant and will suit the majority of your bridesmaids? coloring. If one color does not suit everyone try varying the dresses under the different shades just mentioned. Since they are wine colors they will still be coordinated and not look out of place as long you don?t make the color contrast too great. In the case of the traditional fall season theme you can work with metallic hues and deep oranges, warm red and subdued yellows for a look that is not too garish.

For your groomsmen keep it simple. Black or dark colored formal wear with light splashes of color focused on the neckwear, cummerbund, and/or vest. The simple look will be simple, sophisticated and elegant. Make sure that the suits are tailored to fit each groomsman and that they are comfortable in what they are wearing. Also use fall colored blossoms for the boutonniere.

For your flower girl and ring bearer you can go all out with your imagination. There are several options for the flower girl. For the fall vineyard look dress in a simple but adorable wine colored frock and have her carry purple or crimson flowers in a bouquet. This look will make her look adorable in a basic and elegant manner. For the fall theme you can go with the same style but use golden hues or accents in the sash or bow of the dress. You can also go for something more fanciful dressing her as a seasonal pixie or fairy with autumn leaves and blossoms being used for her wreath. The ring bearer can pretty much follow the same style guidelines as the groom and groomsmen but with more latitude for the color.

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