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Understanding The Role of the Throat Chakra

Understanding The Role of the Throat Chakra


Understanding The Role of the Throat Chakra

by Estee Taschereau

Our spiritual energy body consists of energy passages, much like the arteries and veins in the body, and chakras, which might be compared to our physical organs. There are seven primary chakras. This article covers an understanding of the throat chakra.

Chakras, just like organs, each serve a specific role. The word chakra is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning wheel. The throat chakra focuses on our ability to communicate.

Communication is often thought of as an exchange between two people. Much of our communication focuses on our use of words. There are many forms of communication that combine the use of words with gestures and symbols, such as sign language.

Looking beyond words we use more than the symbols of words to get across our message. There is the look in our eyes, the way we move physically, and the tilt of our mouth. We use tone and volume, even silence.

Our communication is far more than just the words we utter, though our primary focus is on the vocal aspect. In the energy body and the throat, or communication chakra, the chakra itself is more of a passageway to relay the collective message from our knowledge, perception, heart, and emotions.

There is another aspect of the throat chakra that is called the inner voice. This ability connects us body, mind and spirit. Our inner voice is the conduit to connect to our own emotions, feelings, perceptions, knowledge and our higher spiritual powers.

Another part of the throat chakra is telepathy. While this name is often recognized many of us believe we have little or no experience with this ability. Telepathy does not use the physical means of communication, so there is no evidence of how much we really use this style of communication.

This basic overview gives you a greater awareness of the throat chakra and how this chakra helps us in our ability to communicate with others. Combining awareness and intent we can more easily heal ourselves, and strengthen our ability to express ourselves in this world.

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