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Under Cabinet Spice Rack - The 3 Different Types of Spice Racks You Can Get

Under Cabinet Spice Rack - The 3 Different Types of Spice Racks You Can Get


Under Cabinet Spice Rack - The 3 Different Types of Spice Racks You Can Get

by Trianna Haworth

If you are looking for an Under Cabinet Spice Rack, then you should read on, you will learn about the 3 different spice racks available, and how the store your spice. After you have read this article, you will have a better understanding of what racks there are, and if they fit into your kitchen model.


This is a pretty common one that you will see in every kitchen. It can be mounted underneath a cupboard, in an easy access area, and it will store all your spice needs.

Although, it does have more capacity that a standard rack, because it spins, it also offers more surface area, for the same amount of space.

It will most likely have multiple levels, to store even more spices.

This kind of rack can be made from plastic, or wood, and even metal. What you want to do is make sure it best blends into the rest of the kitchen, and has everything before you go and buy one.

Secret Compartment:

This one is better, and most people won't even know you have it. It looks like a lock box mounted under a cupboard. You open it up, by swinging the door down, that reveals all your spices as if it were a standard rack. Of course, they are held in there pretty tight, therefore its less likely to fall. This is a great way to store your spices, and keep them totally out of the way.

Standard Rack:

A standard rack just mounts under the cabinet, and is most likely against the wall, and allows you to store an assortment of spices. This is the cheapest model you can have that has no special features. It normally is made from wood, but has been known to be made from plastic as well.

You might actually see a lot of people attempt to build their own racks, which most likely, for some reasons ends in disaster. They don't seem like they are that hard to build. So, it is always just better to just go and buy one, and get a professional to make you a custom job. You'll be glad you did, instead of messing it up yourself.

Now that you have read up on Under Cabinet Spice Rack, you have a greater knowledge of what they are, and how they can fit inside your kitchen. From the standard open rack model, that usually has 2 shelves to the special, hidden compartment under your shelf. You just have to think on how you want to display your spices for the world to see, or not to see for that matter. Once you have determined which one is best for you, you will be able to make a wiser purchase. There is nothing worse, then when you buy something, get it all set up, and then realize that it just doesn't go with everything. Get it right the first time, and you will save yourself a lot of pain and money.

About the Author:
Tired of all the clutter on your counter? Need To get those spices out of the way, but make them easily accessible? Then you will want to learn more about how an Under Cabinet Spice Rack can help you out. To find out more information on these racks, go to this website right away http://undercabinetspicerack.com.

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