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Types of Knee Braces & What You Should Look For in a Knee Brace

Types of Knee Braces & What You Should Look For in a Knee Brace


Types of Knee Braces & What You Should Look For in a Knee Brace

by J. Pal

If you feel pain in your knee when you do a particular sport or activity, you may benefit from wearing a knee brace.

How do you know which brace to get? If you have already injured your knee, a functional brace is needed. The type you need will depend on the state of your knee and the support it requires.

Common knee injuries are; PCL injuries, MCL injures and ACL injuries. These injuries occur when the knee ligaments get damaged.

To make up for damaged ligaments in the knee, a functional brace is a good idea to provide extra stability for the knee.

A rehabilitative brace is used when you need to keep the knee still while it heals. For example, after surgery on your knee.

You also might want to think about using a brace even if you have never hurt your knee. This may help prevent possible injuries to your knee in the future.

Knee braces that help prevent injuries from occurring are called prophylactic braces.

Prophylactic knee braces are used by people that have healthy knees. Individuals that do not have knee injuries wear this type of brace when they take part in high-risk sports activities.

If you play an intense sport like football, wearing a prophylactic brace may be a good idea. Prophylactic braces can also help to prevent MCL injuries.

What you should look for in a knee brace? When shopping for knee braces you need to keep in mind that good knee braces should help you be more active, reduce the pain you feel during activities, improve how your knee moves and feels, and help make your knee feel more stable.

You may want a brace if: you are trying to prevent a knee injury; you are healing from knee surgery; or you need to treat a current knee injury.

There are many types of knee braces available. The most common types are; magnetic braces, hinged braces, post op braces, professional braces and pediatric braces.

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