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TVI Express Review: Scam or Legit?

TVI Express Review: Scam or Legit?


TVI Express Review: Scam or Legit?

by Randy Disert

Taking over the internet by storm, TVI Express has presented itself as one of the newest and fastest growing network marketing companies. TVI Express initially launched out of India and quickly expanded to China Desiring to be one of the top travel companies in the world, Travel Ventures International (TVI) is trying to position itself as a leader in this seven billion dollar industry.

Will TVI Express produce any real long term results and success for an individual like yourself? Let's face it, most businesses fail within the first two years. The TVI Express is a real business opportunity, their business model is similar many other companies in the network marketing industry. The network marketing industry when utilized to it's fullest potential will create amazing results and increased wealth. Long term viability is extremely important before joining any network marketing, this includes TVI Express. The short life span of TVI Express thus far does not make it easy to determine if it is a good opportunity to join. An indicication of the future viability of TVI Express may be able to be determined based on their current activity to date. company.

There are some other questions that should be answered before joining TVI Express, such as do you like the products and is the compensation plan right for you. When you join TVI Express, you will be pay a $250 fee and receive a voucher for a 7 day 6 night stay at a 4-5 star property. That is a pretty good vacation for that price even though you still need to buy your own airfare. In addition to that travel voucher you will receive a business center & video marketing system.

You will also want to look at the compensation plan of TVI Express to see if it is right for you. The compensation plan take the form a type of matrix system. Upon your purchase and joining the business you are placed on a traveler board. The most people that can be on this board at once is 15. In order to move up the board you will need to recruit two other people into the TVI Express business. When you get to the top you may exit, collect $500 and move on to the Express Boardroom. Just like the Traveler Board, the Express Boardroom only 15 people can be on that board at a time. To move to the top of the Express Boardroom you have to complete the same steps as you did in the Traveler Boardroom and you also need to help two of the people you personally recruited move to the Express Boardroom as well. When you exit the Express Boardroom you will earn $10,000 At that time you will be able to re-enter the Express Boardroom and repeate the process as many times as you like.

Now this may sound simple enough, but you will really need to learn how to market yourself and your opportunity. It takes more people to get involved than it initially appears to move all the way to the top of the Boardroom. TVI Express will only pay you for the efforts you place into the business. You also cannot expect others to do all the work for you and still think that you will profit from it. It is a business and you need to treat as so and will need to learn to properly market yourself and the TVI Express business opportunity.

About the Author:
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