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Truth About Being Married, Relationships, Cheating, And Mending

Truth About Being Married, Relationships, Cheating, And Mending


Truth About Being Married, Relationships, Cheating, And Mending

by Eddie John

You can use this article to detail some of the trouble people are having maintaining relationships, marriage and bonds with one another. There are many factors that are ruining these institutions, factors such as: cheating, abuse, and even as simple as the attitude about the relationship. I will explain a little further.

The truth about all of this is that companionships have been being created for centuries. You have to think back to crude images of what we believed the cavemen interaction to be, and how primitive civilizations like this one knew the importance of companionship. People need people, it is how we are made. We are meant to love and be loved by others.

Wedlock is in pretty sorry shape, I'm afraid. People have deduced with each other that it might just be easier to go their separate ways than to compromise over something trivial. Granted, not all reasons for divorce are worthless, but there are more than not that just refuse to budge and are too stubborn to actually work it out when they both know somewhere inside that they could.

Do you want to know why a high divorce rate worldwide is so problematic? Because the matter is only going to get worse when the kids of today become the new husbands and wives, mothers and fathers of tomorrow. The example that they have learned will stay with them. They have been encouraged that nothing about a relationship should be a compromise, and that the other person is usually wrong.

So why is this companionship in such a decline anyhow? Well there might not just be one specific answer to that question. Well, there is one answer that seems to keep resurfacing so much that it has become normal to see it displayed in hit shows and movies. Adultery is one of the most destructive behaviors in a relationship, and yet through the media it is almost acceptable to some extent to be a cheater.

But there is much more than the simple act of adulterous behavior that is threatening couples across the globe. Lack of passion and stubbornness are two of the relationship killers as well. You see, everything can be pretty heavy at the beginning of the relationship and we are encouraged to believe that passion dies. It can, if we allow it to. It does not have to die though.

There is no doubt about it, the institution of wedlock is on the decline and there is little that many of us can do about it, except to work to preserve and protect our own companionships exclusively. That means to find ways to make it work no matter what is going on, talking through problems and finding a solution that suits everyone.

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