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Traveling Physical Therapist Jobs: What To Look For In A PT Traveler Assignment

Traveling Physical Therapist Jobs: What To Look For In A PT Traveler Assignment


Traveling Physical Therapist Jobs: What To Look For In A PT Traveler Assignment

by Don M. Maxwell

Traveling physical therapists have a very appealing lifestyle and career. Many are attracted to the prospect of physical therapist jobs all over the country such as big cities or rural communities. There are a lot of different health care staffing agencies out there. Do some investigation before you commit to one. Find one with the resources to meet the needs of your personal life as well as your career. Earning a competitive salary in lots of different settings is very appealing. There are great opportunities available for those with the flexibility to become a traveling physical therapist.

Traveling is a fantastic lifestyle choice for the person who enjoys meeting new people and migrating around the country. This is an especially good option if you have a new degree but haven't decided where to settle down. Empty nesters can take advantage of their freedom by jumping on the great opportunities in different communities. Traveling therapists have the potential for earning in the ballpark of $70-85,000 per year while working in a variety of environments. Some assignments even offer completion bonuses. Whether you like working in home health care, hospitals, rehabilitation facilities or schools, you can find great physical therapy positions.

You should choose an agency that focuses on placing candidates in PT jobs. This way you will find recruiters that really have their finger on the pulse of the industry. Recruiters will provide interview feedback so that you get the most out of your job search and will shepherd you through all your contracts with the agency. What you want is ongoing communication for the duration of your contract. Your particular needs should be taken into account with personalized assignments. Whether you need long term contracts or direct hire positions, the agency will find the perfect placement for you. Check out the benefits like health insurance and vacation. In order to take advantage of the full benefit package make sure you are totally aware of eligibility requirements.

Anyone who has ever moved out of town knows that there are a ton of little details that must be managed and the same holds true of relocating for traveling health care positions. Use your agency's expertise to find answers to your questions and address any issues that come up. You should expect assistance finding private housing, per diem and travel reimbursement. If you have special needs like a family member that must travel with you, then your agency will make sure this is taken into account. If you have particular interests such as skiing, biking, or mountain climbing then look for an agency that offers customized assignments so that you can make sure you work in areas where you can enjoy the amenities. Even if you need to become licensed in a new state, your agency will assist you with all the necessary steps as well as reimburse you for any continuing education requirements.

Control your own future as a traveling physical therapist. Earn a competitive salary and work anywhere you'd like. An agency is a good fit if they customize placements based on your needs. To get the best results, choose one that specializes in placing traveling therapists. After you've settled on the right staffing agency, you can begin your future as a traveling physical therapist.

About the Author:
Cariant.com specializes in personalized traveling physical therapist job placement. Read more about therapist traveler faqs at the Cariant.com website.

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