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Tips to Balance between Study and Part Time Job

Tips to Balance between Study and Part Time Job


Tips to Balance between Study and Part Time Job

by Alex Wu

Working while studying is a good idea to learn new things and develop your skills. It is not just about the academic skills, but also soft skills that will be valued a lot when you later work professionally or start a business. But as part time jobs also mean more responsibility, students often find difficulties in balancing between their study and work. For sure, there are more to consider, manage, and sacrifice. But part time jobs really help you to learn the steps ahead earlier. They can be good for your resume too. Here are some tips to help you find the middle point between study and part time work.

1. Plan your time well. There should be no conflict between study and work. Once you know your class schedule, you can make arrangement about the work shifts and study schedules. It is not easy to be discipline with time, but that is the important thing you learn when taking part time jobs. Set the time, and try your best to finish all on schedule. Of course it does not need to be that strict. Some people do better with "spontaneous" scheduling, some can not. The point is to fulfill all your responsibilities. Make evaluation. When every college task is finished on time, when your grade does not go worse, and when you still get praises at the work place, then it means you are doing all right.

2. Be efficient and flexible. Part time jobs can take from 18 to over 30 hours per week. You lose that much for study and fun time. There is no way to keep the days run the same. What is possible is to learn to be efficient and flexible. You need to understand about the 'sacrifices' you have committed to. It is not necessarily so, but it is really about better time management.

By being efficient, you can think of bringing your text book or small notes during commuting and read them while waiting, or focusing on one work at a time so that it finishes right at the time and you can move on to the next task. If you know the schedule is strict, then get prepared for the day. By being flexible, you can think of doing what you like and need to do in unplanned but still controllable manners. You have to let go some things, for sure. But they can be offset pretty well if you love what you do and try to be flexible. Part time is not killing you.

3. Keep your body fit. Eat good food, do enough exercise, and take enough sleep at night. Now it starts to sound like health tips. But this is just the general rules of long term health we all need to know. What is worrying is that students often forget this, especially when they live out of the home. Make sure you maintain enough nutrients intake and exercise routinely. They will keep you fit all day long to do the tasks. Take enough sleep so that you can concentrate and feel energetic until the end of the day. Avoid junk foods, alcohols, other junk drinks like soda, and greasy foods. Take enough vegetables and fruits. They will cost you cheaper too in long term.

About the Author:
Alex Wu operates a classifieds website that lets people advertise, build groups, and connect. He hopes to create an active environment for businesses to place their part time jobs.

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