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Tips On Improving Bathroom Lighting

Tips On Improving Bathroom Lighting


Tips On Improving Bathroom Lighting

by Scott Rodgers

Home lighting generally comprise of three or four basic types of lighting which if included in a room can help in bringing the desired effect. These are : task lighting, general lighting, accent lighting and decorative lighting.

A good lighting plan is a must for every home, in fact for every area of the house including a bathroom. For lighting a bathroom properly, the most important component is task lighting as various activities are carried out there such as shaving, applying make up etc. So, it is always good to have task lights around the vanity mirrors so that these tasks can be performed conveniently.

It is always suggested that the task lights be installed either above the vanity mirror or on both the sides as this will reduce the shadow effect and will help in doing the job without straining the eyes.

It is recommended that the vanity light fixtures installed around the vanity mirror be incandescent or halogen fixtures. Make certain that the vanity light fixtures you select provide more than enough light.

One of the simplest techniques that you can use to ensure that you will always have enough light is to "over light" the space and then use dimmers to control the amount of light that you want or need at any given moment.

Do not go for recessed down lights for the task lighting purpose near the bathroom vanity mirror. They may cause too many shadows on your face when standing in front of it. So, these lights will be more suitable for general illumination of the area.

Some areas of the bathroom are ofeten ignored when it comes to lighting them up. These are the shower, jacuzzi etc. Lighting them will add to the look of your bathroom. You can go for fancy recessed lights for these areas.

The whole look and feel of a home depends upon the lighting plan so it should be taken up seriously and should be given equal important as any other plan while designing a new home.

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