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Tips On How To Jump Higher For Volleyball

Tips On How To Jump Higher For Volleyball


Tips On How To Jump Higher For Volleyball

by Bart Icles

All athlete's who are engaged in a sport that involves jumping as an integral part of the game, like volleyball, must have the ability to jump higher, or to substantially increase it, to gain an unmatched advantage over the opposing team. There are currently many programs designed to raise anyone's vertical jump with various drills and advices. If you can make this happen, then not only will you and your team have a higher chance at winning game after game, but you'll also gain a stronger body, more stamina, and more confidence to excel in the sport of volleyball.

Although there are those who feel that there are some people who cannot be trained to increase their current jumping height, the advocates who've had years of experience and knowledge strongly disagree. They've learned how to perfect their methods and techniques in teaching athletes of any age, gender, race, or color how to jump higher more than ever before, and so can you. If you know in your heart that you can do it, then there is nothing holding you back from your dreams but yourself.

If you want to know and learn all the secrets on how to jump higher, you will need to tap into your inner self and learn how to harness your body's innate explosive strength and power. For you to do this, you must at least incorporate some form weight training program to improve the explosiveness of the muscles used for jumping. One of the first exercises you should learn to perfect is the squat and by using medium to heavyweights. To add height to your vertical jump in greater increments your quadriceps must be strengthened additionally, together with the opposing muscle at the back, which is the hamstrings, to make a perfect balance and harmony of the leg muscles and to prevent any injury from happening.

Next, your core or abdominal muscles should be bolstered further as these are the muscles that are the basic and vital base of your body's entire muscular structure. With an abdominal muscle like the ones that most elite athletes have didn't appear by themselves overnight; they had to be trained and developed over many long hours inside the gym and at the oval racetrack to make them what they are now. With a strong core foundation, you gain more explosive power and flexibility in jumping. And don't forget to train the deltoids properly, as a solid arm muscle can help give you more powerful swings to propel you in jumping up.

To increase your vertical height at the fastest time, you must also learn how to rest your body for it to recuperate and grow. Correct training also involves having the mind to know when to take a break and not overdo it. Lack of rest results in over fatigue which leads to giving unwanted stress on the muscles and ligaments. This would cause injury to happen at any moment when actively training or playing. The act of jump puts a great stress on your nervous system, and so if you want to learn how to jump higher for volleyball, then you must take care of your body and by doing all the instructed exercises as taught by an expert trainer.

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